KCCA resident questions some of Board of Directors' methods for running meetings and limiting residents' input

To all of you who attended the KCCA Board of Directors meeting Tuesday night (March 14), you are aware that as long as Denny Gelfand, board president, and Katherine Griffith, board director and finance chair, are on the board, the Finance and Budget Committee meetings will remain closed to the association members.

I have lived in King City going on 17 years, and committee meetings have never been closed until these two individuals became directors. I'm not picking on finance or budget meetings, as I was accused, I'm just not aware of any other committee meetings that are closed to the residents. You would think they would welcome the interest.

I am disappointed that general floor discussions are limited at the end of the meeting. Having to sign up and anticipate what one might want to bring to the podium is problematic.

We are not allowed to speak at the board workshops; we are not allowed to attend important committee meetings; and there is gross negligence with posting the minutes of what transpired during those meetings.

How are we to learn what direction the board is leaning toward on any given subject? It makes it even more of a challenge to bring up concerns at the board meeting. 

We all have rights, and one of those rights is to have our concerns heard. Members should be able to politely and respectfully voice their opinions at board meetings, question board actions, and propose their own ideas. We should be allowed to speak during the open forum whether we have signed up or not.

As was stated during the open forum by the board president, because of his "generosity," some members who did not sign up were granted permission to speak. That was not the case during the February board meeting; if you hadn't signed up, you weren't allowed to speak.

?In May, I am voting for people who are committed to providing open and transparent business practices. I will vote for candidates who are respectful to our community residents. I will vote for those who will act in the best interest of the association and according to the wishes of most owners.

Judy Holmes

King City

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