Support for Washington County DA candidate Kevin Barton; appreciation for Rep. Vial.

Support Kevin Barton for District Attorney

I have lived and worked in Washington County for twenty years and have a vested interest in the safety of our community. As a mother of two elementary school-aged children, I am vigilant about their safety and well-being. Kevin Barton has a strong history of protecting children. As the chair of Washington County's Multidisciplinary Team, he leads professionals who focus on the safety of children in schools and at home. Additionally, he is spearheading a School Safety Task Force that works towards ensuring the safety of children, staff, and faculty. Keeping children safe is one of Kevin Barton's top priorities. I support Kevin Barton as Washington County District Attorney and I encourage you to vote for Kevin in the upcoming election.  Our children are worth protecting, and Kevin Barton has the initiative and experience to make that happen.

Donelle O'Loughlin


DA candidate Barton is strong leader

As Kevin Barton progresses down the path of seeking election to become the Washington County District Attorney, I craft this message to provide some context around my observations of him over the last few years as a member of the community. Kevin is a strong leader in our community and continues to demonstrate integrity at the highest level. He is committed to ensuring that all our kids have freedom and safety without compromise. Within the community and throughout my personal interactions with Kevin, it can be clearly observed that he possesses a set of core values that are directly in line with the platform he communicates ( Kevin's interaction and involvement within the education system demonstrates his strong desire to contribute to the overall well-being of all the students and administrators in the environment. He is engaged at a level of detail that provides him perspective to the current community challenges we face. These challenges are relevant for Washington County and enables him to perform his current duties at a high level. As a father who is involved with the children of the community through various activities, I've seen the passion he has for protecting, nurturing and developing our next generation of leaders and believe that he is committed to this challenging task. I strongly endorse Kevin as a man with strong moral values and the integrity to lead the District Attorney's office in a way that will provide a safe and secure community, where justice is delivered according to the law and where proactive measures are taken to resolve the issues of the future by engaging today.

William & Rebecca DeBorde


Barton has experience to be County DA

My name is Christy Gladheim and I am a Sherwood Resident. I am a mother of four and hold pubic safety, school safety and protection for the vulnerable as my top priorities in a District Attorney. Given these priorities, I see a vote for Kevin Barton for Washington County District Attorney as a clear choice. Growing up in a family with a father in law enforcement, I value Kevin's endorsement by the Sheriff and every Chief of Police and Police Officer Association in the county, as well as an overwhelmingly long list of endorsements by the leaders of our community. Kevin is committed to seeking justice and has a proven track record of successfully prosecuting crimes against the most vulnerable victims. He supervises the county's child abuse and juvenile units, has prosecuted hundreds of child abuse cases and is also the Chair of the Washington Co-Child Abuse Multidisciplinary Team (MDT). With school safety a major concern I am encouraged and excited that Kevin has recently announced that he is leading a School Safety Task Force. Kevin is far more experienced than his opponent and will be receiving my vote for Washington County District Attorney, and deserves your vote too.

Christy Gladheim


Barton committed to justice for County

I have been a King City resident for 12 years. I have worked in the DA's Office for the past 20 years supporting the team that handles child abuse, serious assaults, robberies, rape, murder and elder abuse. Kevin Barton is currently our Chief Deputy District Attorney. I have worked very closely with him for several years, and know his work well. When Kevin Barton filed for District Attorney, I was thrilled.  He is an award-winning prosecutor. He's smart, thorough, well-respected, a good leader and boss, and he currently works hard to bring criminals to account and obtain justice for the victims. He is a successful trial attorney and has handled a host of very tough cases including, murder. He also advocates and participates in programs for victims and crime prevention outside of the office (with a wife and 3 kids no less). In short, he's spent years proving himself as a highly successful, respected prosecutor. His

opponent, however, has not been proven. Who is Max Wall? He has never even tried one single murder case. He doesn't even have the endorsement of his former boss (who endorsed Kevin instead). Why gamble on an unknown when we have the opportunity to elect the best? Don't take my word for it. Check out their websites; they each have one. Compare their qualifications, experience, endorsements, awards, community involvement, etc. You will see that Kevin Barton has overwhelming local support, because he does his job so well. I'm very proud to work in the Washington County DA's Office. We truly care about our community, and work hard to achieve justice. We want Washington County to stay safe, and to continue serving and protecting our citizens. Community safety is too important for a gamble.

Sarah Jewett

King City

Barton is natural choice for DA

I live, work and own a business in Washington County and have personally known Kevin for years. Kevin Barton has a long-standing track record as a prosecutor and in keeping our county safe, and is a natural choice for Washington County District Attorney. His work with disadvantaged children and dedication to building a community are a strong reflection of his own core values and beliefs. He is an upstanding citizen, representative and family supporter.

Kevin lives what he believes and practices it not only in his professional life but also in his day to day interactions with his family and community. He has been endorsed by many public officials and leaders inside and outside of our county, which speaks to his sphere of influence and recognition of work. Kevin is a leader of our future as he continues to be innovative and committed to making Washington County a better, safer and more prosperous place to live. I support Kevin his pursuit of relentless improvement in our community and support him for Washington County District Attorney.

Erin Koenig


Thanks to Rep. Vial

I am writing to express the League of Oregon Cities' appreciation to Rep. Richard Vial (R-Scholls) for his leadership and support of local governments during the recently-adjourned 2018 legislative session. As an organization representing all of Oregon's 241 cities, we greatly value state legislators who take the time to consider the impacts that legislation will have on their local communities.  Rep. Vial was a chief sponsor of a bill that would have provided additional transparency and accountability when public dollars are spent on certain professional service contracts. Under current law, when state and local governments are contracting for engineering, architectural, photogrammetry, land surveying and transportation planning services, they are unable to consider cost until after they have made an initial selection of a firm based on qualifications alone. While local governments can agree that qualifications are critical when hiring for these services, we also believe that quality and achieving the best overall value for public dollars are not mutually exclusive concepts. HB 4127 would have allowed local governments to select up to three firms based on qualifications only. After those firms were selected, the local government could receive pricing information from all three firms to determine the best overall value when making a final selection of a firm.  Though the legislation did not pass, Rep. Vial's leadership helped secure the bill's passage in the House and near-passage in the Senate. These efforts better positioned local governments to resolve concerns with the currently-mandated process during the upcoming 2019 legislative session, and for that, we are incredibly grateful.

Mike Cully


Barton right person for DA job

I am writing to enthusiastically endorse Kevin Barton for Washington County District Attorney. Kevin is highly qualified for the position in terms of experience and character. He is the right person for the job.  Kevin is currently the Chief Deputy District Attorney in the Washington County District Attorney's office and he has over ten years' experience prosecuting felony criminal cases. He has a track record of protecting our communities, our families and the underrepresented. He supervises the Child Abuse Team and he is active in prosecuting serious crimes such as child abuse, sex trafficking, murder, elder abuse, domestic violence and embezzlement. His distinguished service has resulted in numerous awards and recognition. Our District Attorney must be of utmost character, should be a strong leader and above all else should be fair. I have known Kevin for a number of years on a professional and personal level, and I have coached youth sports with him. He is a family man. He cares about our community and he invests in our youth. He is a trusted leader and he is fair in his approach to life. I saw that in the way he coaches. Those same traits that have made Kevin successful in his career in the Washington County District Attorney's office were demonstrated on the field. Kevin listened. He led by example. He was fair. He is by far our best candidate for Washington County's next District Attorney. There is a reason Kevin is overwhelmingly supported by his peers. I hope you will join me in supporting Kevin for this challenging yet ever important role as Washington's County's District Attorney. He is the right choice to lead the protection of our communities and to enforce justice.  Ted D. Karr, J.D., MBA


Prosecutors to support Barton's campaign

We are the team of prosecutors that handle Washington County's most serious crimes: murder, child abuse, elder abuse, human trafficking, rape, robbery, gangs and serious assaults. Washington County voters have an important decision to make on May 15, choosing the next district attorney.

Kevin Barton is the landslide winner of local endorsements, including both Democrats and Republicans, elected officials, law enforcement and community leaders. This is because Kevin Barton stands for what we hold dear: the protection of victims and the community while innovating within the criminal justice system to seek solutions for positive change.

His opponent, Max Wall, has virtually no local support from current local leadership. Mr. Wall pushes a national agenda insinuating that we are getting criminal justice wrong in Washington County and that change is needed. You know better.

Our office, under the leadership of Kevin Barton, is the proud steward of many nationally recognized, innovative treatment programs such as Drug Court, Mental Health Court and soon a Veterans Treatment Court.

Kevin Barton knows that often, providing treatment is better for the community than jail or prison. Kevin Barton is the only candidate with a proven track record of responsible leadership, and has earned our vote.

Gina Skinner, Jeff Lesowski, John Gerhard, Bracken McKey

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