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Election season for the King City Civic Association dominates the mailbox this month.

KCCA Election – How will you cast your ballot?

What do you do when the information and directions for voting in the KCCA election is totally new and it offers you online voting or paper ballots? What is your best option?

The easy answer is, if you're in doubt about your computer skills, use the mail-in ballot.

Our administrator has assured me that ballots will be mailed to every KCCA resident on May 10. So, here's the easiest way to cast your ballot if you are not on top of your computer skills:

n Watch for that letter containing your ballot, which will arrive after Friday, May 10.

n Open it, mark the ballot, put a stamp on the return envelope and mail the ballot.

n Don't wait: Mail it early. Definitely mail it on or by Friday, May 24!

The process will be quick, simple and your vote will be totally private information. This is how I intend to vote this year.

Our KCCA election process has changed. Either online or mail-in ballots give you the option to choose your best way for voting. Either way: Be sure to vote!

Peg Beckwith

KCCA resident since 2001

Candidate seeks common goals on KCCA board

My name is Helen Harper. I am running for a position on the Board of Directors of the KCCA Homeowner's Association. I have a strong background in accounting after working over 40 years in the escrow and property management fields.

During the past year, I have been serving on Hello Neighbors Social Committee and the LARC Committee. I have joined King City Lions, in which I will be a very active participant. Meeting and helping neighbors has given me insight into how our community works from City Council to our sub-associations to our KCCA Board.

My main reason for running for the Board is that I care about our KCCA

residents — my neighbors. Our KCCA community can be joined by a shared sense of purpose or common goals that bind our residents together. My goal is to create this stage on which every resident's opinion and voice will be heard, and for my neighbors to know that there are many paths and avenues to express one's concerns.

A vote for me, Helen Harper, is a vote for our community as a whole. Let's work together to help our great community prosper.

Helen Harper

King City

Candidate offers four decades of experience

Hi, I'm Judy Holmes. I'm asking for an opportunity to represent you as director and serve on our KCCA board.

From the time I first saw King City over 43 years ago, with its golf course and attractive homes, I knew I wanted to retire here. That was nearly 20 years ago.

Since retirement I've been volunteering in our community. With my 40-plus years' experience in fiscal and business management in both the public and private sector, my accounting knowledge is my most useful skill.

I've worked in our community library for nearly five years and current serve as the lead volunteer. Also, working with Hello Neighbors Social Committee arranging social events is very rewarding and provides a great opportunity for the entire community. For the past five years, I've also served on numerous other committees and to keep informed. I've attended nearly all board meetings.

Weathering a very difficult experience this past year has made me more aware of how important it is to elect ethical, honorable and decent individuals to lead our community. I've also realized that, despite all of my involvements in the community, and the many activities we all enjoy, only the board determines what becomes of our association. Whom we elect to the board really does matter!

If elected, I will listen to you, do my best to follow our governing documents and vote in ways that enhance our financial stability.

If you don't know me — well, come on over — the welcome mat is out.

Judy Holmes

King City

Harper would be best on KCCA Board

Please vote this year in the KCCA Board election and encourage your neighbors to vote. Your involvement in the KCCA Board election will make sure we are getting people on the board who follow the rules and regulations, work together as a team and help to unite. A community with spirit and harmony from the governing board is a community that takes pride in itself. Please educate yourselves to all candidates running. Their biographies will be in the May KCCA newsletter and the annual members meeting on May 21 will give you a chance to meet and ask questions of the candidates.

We need ethical, respected members of our community on the board of directors. The one person I've known since high school is Helen Harper. She is passionate about King City and fiscal responsibility and transparency in all the board does. She is one of the most honest persons I know, contributes to several committees with her time and finances, helps her friends and neighbors and loves her poodle. During the board meeting for the last year, Helen takes notes and transcribes them without her opinions and posts them for everyone to see on Next Door. So many people have said how much they appreciate being able to see what happened at the board meeting in a timely fashion.

My husband and I feel King City would be fortunate to have Helen Harper elected to our KCCA board.

Jo Kitchen

King City

Return accountability to KCCA directors

It's your pocketbook! Let's return fiscal responsibility and respect for our governing documents and state laws to the KCCA Board of Directors, which have been abysmally absent for the last several years.

Having served on two homeowners association boards in the past, and serving on our School District Budget Committee for 15-plus years, I have a good knowledge of the proper exercise of due diligence in spending HOA money. And we all have a vested interest in having a competent Board. I have come to know personally four candidates, all of whom will bring us the kind of openness, transparency and, above all, the fiscal competency that is vital to our continued financial health in KCCA, which we haven't enjoyed recently.

They are: Helen Harper, Judy Holmes, Carolyn Griffith and Jim Trees.

You will have an opportunity to meet them and hear them speak at our annual member's meeting on Tuesday, May 21. Please come and hear what they have to say. Please exercise your responsibility as a KCCA member to consider them, and especially, to vote! Out of 1,745 members, we have in the past only had about 400 (or fewer) who have voted. I want a board who will listen to me, be responsive and act responsibly in how my assessment and transfer fee dollars get spent. Do you?

These four candidates will serve us well. Please vote!

Jerry Larsen

King City

Candidate seeks votes for association board

My name is Jim Trees. My wife Peggy and I have been a residents of the KCCA for 14 years.

My pledge if elected is to always help make decisions that provide the most good for my fellow KCCA residents. This would include, but not be limited to, adhering to our governing documents, financial stability, maintaining KCCA properties, and encouraging volunteerism.

Prior to retiring, I operated my own business for approximately 30 years.

My wife Peggy and I have served the KCCA on many volunteer committees and activities

I attended college where I studied business law. I enhanced my education by serving:

• As an ethics officer for a large non-profit organization.

• As an officer of Toastmasters.

• As a board member and president of another non-profit.

• As a city councilor.

• As a member of the PDX noise advisory committee.

• As a board member for the Sears Federal Credit Union.

• As a newspaper publisher for five years.

• As a board member for the King City Men's Golf Club and Camera Club.

• Assist the Lions club/Regal Courier assembly and delivery.

I am a certified member of the Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT). I am a proud veteran.

My first priority is always my family, and secondly the KCCA.

If elected, I will serve as I would want anyone else elected to the KCCA board, and that is to listen to and represent all citizens of the KCCA. I will always strive to do the best job possible.

I will appreciate your vote.

Jim Trees

King City

Leadership shows up in even small efforts

Having written a previous letter about my thoughts on King City, it is only right to write a positive experience.

We had put in a request to have a fence replaced and out-grown hedge. Rob Cavalier not only took the time to come over and give direction to our project, he also approved the project on site.

This is the type of leadership this community needs.

Len Ufford

King City

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