Monthly venue showcases many talented people

by: BARBARA SHERMAN - FULL-BLOWN PRODUCTION - Fran Walston belts out 'Almost Like Being in Love' accompanied by (from left) Jon Sampson on saxophone, Muriel Dresser on piano, Wendell Damm on bass viol and Jim Matilla on drums during the June 2 open mic in the King City Clubhouse.Since the King City Music Club started three years ago, a lot of singers and musicians have shown up and contributed their talents by joining the chorus, playing musical instruments or singing solos at the monthly "open mic."

On the first Monday of each month at 2 p.m. at the King City Clubhouse, a unique and original open mic is presented, made up of singers and performers who want their moment in the spotlight.

At the open mics, everyone wears black and white, some with a hint of red, and master of ceremonies Don Bellairs introduces each act while club member Liz Schenk writes up the events for the Regal Courier.

The soloists are accompanied by Muriel Dresser on the piano, Jon Sampson on the saxophone and Wendell Damm on bass viol.

by: BARBARA SHERMAN - SWEET HARMONY - A trio comprised of Liz Schenk (left), Shirley Frank and Dennis Pollmann perform 'Lazy Bones' during the June 2 open mic.Performing at the open mic is easy, according to Dresser. People only need to come to one of the weekly music club practices, which are held every Monday at the Clubhouse from 2 to 4 p.m. and rehearse with her, Damm and Sampson. Dresser then chooses the order for the singers and musicians to perform.

Jim Matilla, an expert drum player, occasionally shows up at the open mics to "our great delight," Dresser said, as he adds another element to the music.

"I'd like to stress that we have no auditions," Dresser said. "If you have a love of music, please join us. It is pure fun, and no judgments are made. We all just share a love of music."

Dresser is the club president, and Sharon Baker is the vice president.

People can just show up on any Monday afternoon or call Dresser.

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