Fringe-group values show up at county GOP meeting

Sherwood Gazette - Opinion
The time has come to find common middle ground, the way Oregon is famous for doing.

Our Opinion: GOP bluffs, Dems blink, trading student health…

Portland Tribune - Opinion
Sometimes politics is the art of the possible. Other times, it€„¢s just makes you queasy.

Letters to the editor

Regal Courier - Opinion
Election season for the King City Civic Association dominates the mailbox this month.

My View: Talking about suicide can help save lives

Portland Tribune - Opinion
Suicide is not a statistic. It is a shockingly permanent and devastating event in the lives of the victims and their loved ones.

Opinion: Bowman is best choice for school board

Beaverton Valley Times - Opinion
Former school board member backs nominee for a seat on the Tigard-Tualatin School Board.

My View: Bill levels college-accessibility playing field

Portland Tribune - Opinion
As it stands today, the Oregon College Savings plan helps provide a valuable incentive for saving by allowing Oregonians to deduct some of their…

Our Opinion: Vaccination exemption limits praised

Beaverton Valley Times - Opinion
The recent outbreak of measles in Washington and Oregon could have been avoided. Word came Friday that travelers at Chicago's Midway Airport on…

Time has come to address gun violence in schools

Beaverton Valley Times - Opinion
Sunset alumna, congresswoman team up to talk about gun safety and violent deaths in schools.

Gov. Brown: 'Get your children vaccinated ... holy smokes,…

Portland Tribune - Opinion
The measles outbreak was preventable and science has long debunked the rumors of unsafe vaccinations.

Johnson: As lawmakers, we can't give what we don't have

Portland Tribune - Opinion
Sen. Betsy Johnson, co-chair of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means, outlines spending challenges confronting lawmakers in the 2019 legislative…

Our Opinion: Home visit law would be cash wisely spent

Portland Tribune - Opinion
We applaud the universal nature of the proposed program: This isn€„¢t just aimed at underserved families, or low-income families, but everyone.…

Death of iconic actress reminds us of importance of theater

Beaverton Valley Times - Opinion
Carol Channing died Tuesday at age 97; became synonymous with Broadway for her role in 'Hello Dolly!'

2019 Legislature: Ready, set, go!

Beaverton Valley Times - Opinion
Our portion of Washington County has an outsized number of committee gavels and leadership experience this year.

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