by: MCDC BOOKING PHOTO - With Federal Bank Robbery charges pending, 44-year-old Frazer Scott Piccolo remains in custody.Perhaps 44-year-old Frazer Scott Piccolo thought he had the perfect plan for getting his hands on some fast cash. Instead he turned into a poster boy for “crime does not pay”.

To ensure a quick getaway, he traveled to the Bank of the West branch at 8135 S.E. Division Street in a taxi cab – and told the driver to wait, while he made a “quick withdrawal” – knowing he’d soon have plenty of spending cash.

Reportedly, Piccolo strolled into the bank at 10:42 am on Monday, August 19, and put his plan into action.

According to what Portland Police Robbery Detectives Maury Mudrick and Darren Posey later learned, Piccolo presented a demand note and told the teller to hand over cash. The money he received he stuffed into a trouser pocket.

“Piccolo then fled the bank, and got into the taxi to leave the area,” recounted PPB Public Information Officer Sgt. Pete Simpson, taking up the story.

The cabbie did as he was told, and headed west on S.E. Division, then turned north on S.E. 77th Avenue.

“While the suspect was seated in the back seat of the cab, a dye pack contained in the money he had taken exploded, and got red paint all over his hands,” said Simpson.

In a cloud of red dye mist, Piccolo made a quick exit from the taxi – it’s unknown if the cabbie ever got his fare – and ran east, along the north side of Portland Community College Southeast Center’s construction site.

“Nearby construction workers noticed Piccolo running from a cab with red paint on his hands, and assumed that he’d just done a bank robbery,” Simpson continued.

When one of the construction workers confronted the suspect, Piccolo took a swing at him. Piccolo missed; the construction worker’s punch connected. The suspected bank robber found himself on the ground, with a busted lip, in a headlock, looking up at a bunch of workers who had summoned the police.

Just nine minutes after pulling the bank heist with which he is charged, Piccolo was arrested at 10:51 am. When detectives reportedly found the demand note in his wallet, and a red-stained $20 bill in his blown-out pocket, they were certain they’d collared their man.

Piccolo was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center at 3:26 pm that afternoon on a federal hold, without bail, pending formal Federal Bank Robbery charges.

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