by: RITA A. LEONARD - Sellwood twins Nate and Reed Newton, age nine, sold lemonade over the Labor Day weekend in to benefit the Oregon Food Bank.On Labor Day weekend, when many folks were enjoying out-of-town vacations, two Sellwood nine-year-olds were busy supporting the Oregon Food Bank with a benefit lemonade stand.

Nash and Reed Newton, who live at S.E 12th and Clatsop Street, decided to raise the money at a homemade juice stand co-located with their parents’ garage sale. “It’s a good way to meet the neighbors and enjoy the last few days of summer,” reflected Nash.

The twins, started third grade at Llewellyn Elementary School shortly afterward, say that they have always liked collecting food for others, citing the U. S. Postal Service Food Drive, and Project Second Wind at school.

“We had fun volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank warehouse about a month ago,” reported their mother, Marcy. “The boys worked really hard for about three hours there.”

Reed explained, “We helped put macaroni into serving bags from big boxes.”

The pair learned about social responsibility at an early age, and say they feel that everyone should have enough to eat. “If people need more food, they can always go to the Oregon Food Bank,” says Reed. He added that he knows that donated food and funds are important to many families.

“We made all the signs here, ourselves,” smiled Nash, surveying the well-organized stand that featured a tablecloth, a shade umbrella, an ice chest and a garbage bag – plus the lemonade, of course.

“We served regular and pink lemonade on Saturday, and added orange juice on Sunday when the lemonade started running out.” The boys also sold a few books at their stand. “We made $25 on Saturday,” said Reed. “Some people even gave us money without getting a drink.”

“People have been pretty generous,” observed Marcy. “The boys have learned a lot, had a good time, and did a good deed for an important organization. It was a success all the way around.”

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