by: DAVID F. ASHTON - The Bybee Bridge over McLoughlin Boulevard becomes a construction site, as concrete is pumped into forms to create the floor of the upper TriMet Light Rail Station.What will end up as one of the most visible Inner Southeast Portland stations in the TriMet Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project – the Bybee Boulevard Station – continues construction.

Deputy Project Director Dave Unsworth agreed that there’s not much to see yet at the Bybee Station when you drive across the Bybee Bridge over McLoughlin Boulevarfd – but the upper platform on both sides has now been poured, and work is continuing.

“Overall, we’re about 60% done with the construction,” Unsworth told THE BEE.

It won’t be long until the station structures rise up on either side of the Bybee Bridge, he said. “We are excited that we’re moving forward. The project had great work that was done last year – like finishing some of the major intersections at S.E. 11th and 12th Avenues, as well as the work on S.E. 8th Avenue, and S.E. Holgate Boulevard at 17th Avenue.”

Area residents no longer have to guess about where the light rail tracks will be, Unsworth added. “It's now very visible. Not all the rails are down, but they are in now from Portland State University downtown to S.E. Bybee Boulevard.”

During the next year, Unsworth said, they’ll be building the Park-and-Ride stations. “And, we’ll begin to do some of the “systems work” – installing the electrical wiring, substations, and overhead catenary work.”

Pedestrians need to aware that the sidewalk along the south side of the Bybee Bridge has been closed temporarily as construction continues; eventually it will reopen and the north side will close for similar work, before it, too, reopens.

“Pedestrians on the south side of the bridge will be detoured to the north sidewalk, while crews build new sidewalks on the south side,” announced the project’s Community Affairs Representative, Jennifer Koozer.

“A temporary pedestrian crossing on the east end, near the golf course entrance, will help with this detour.” And, if you’d rather not walk across Bybee’s traffic lanes in that temporary crossing, you can always walk a few steps west, and cross through the golf course’s tunnel under Bybee – before turning east to walk a few steps back to the sidewalk ascending the bridge.

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