by: DAVID F. ASHTON - Looking along Crystal Springs Creek, the early February snowstorm turned Westmoreland Park into an even more picturesque natural area.The wide range of winter weather we’ve had this year – from snow and ice storms to wind and heavy rain – has recently prevented resumption of the improvement work in Westmoreland Park.

“The project is on winter weather hiatus,” confirmed Portland Parks & Recreation Project Manager Sandra Burtzos. “When contractors see a dry week, they work on things like finishing the irrigation system.”

So far, the park has survived the transition from traditional park with a duck pond to a natural wetland area, Burtzos remarked to THE BEE.

“We did have a tree blow over in the northern part of the park,” Burtzos said. “It fell partially into Crystal Springs Creek. But, it landed as if we placed it there intentionally, as was done with the ‘large woody debris’ along the banks. So it will be left in place.”

Come April 1, though, contractors are required to remobilize, to meet the completion date of May 31. “If they’re faced with severe inclement weather, the contract deadline may be extended.”

The Natural Play Area’s contractor has been selected, Burtzos added. “But, the job has not yet been ‘let’. We expect them to start in March.”

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