by: DAVID F. ASHTON - With the rest of her schools court - Mae Graham, Addison Neher, and Naomi Tsai - is the 2014 Portland Rose Festival Cleveland High School Princess, Callie Krevanko. After school on March 14, the Cleveland High School (CHS) Auditorium filled with students, faculty, and the family members of four young ladies, each of whom hoped to represent the Warriors for the 2014 Portland Rose Festival – and perhaps, to be named the celebration’s 100th “Queen of Rosaria”.

Candidates Naomi Tsai, Addison Neher, Callie Krevanko, and Mae Graham walked down the aisle, and up onto the stage, as the program began.

CHS’ 2013 Princess, Annalise Cummings, spoke. “Thank you so much for the wonderful warm welcome. A year ago, I stood on this stage and I shared that my dad had cancer.

“To finish the story, as you may know, my dad passed away,” continued Cummings. “I'm telling you this, because all of you gave me the opportunity to share priceless memories of my dad and my Rose Festival life. Thank you so much for this wonderful year.” She then prepared to crown the new Cleveland High Rose Festival Princess.

With tiara in hand, Cummings walked around behind the candidates – and placed it on the head of Callie Krevanko.

“Thank you. And, I appreciate the opportunity to represent Cleveland High, and I’m looking forward to all that will come in the future,” were the first publically-spoken words of 2014 Portland Rose Festival Cleveland High School Princess Callie Krevanko, after she regained her composure after being chosen.

While the Portland Rose Festival Foundation staff snapped photos, CHS Vice Principal Kevin Taylor was still smiling. “We’ve had good candidates in the past. This year’s candidates were truly some of our best. Any one of these young ladies could have represented Cleveland admirably.

“Callie has good grades, does volunteerism, and has a full-ride scholarship to Yale University,” Taylor told THE BEE. “Not only will she be a good representative for CHS, but our school may again have produced a Portland Rose Festival Queen.”

The pageant is more than a “beauty pageant”, reminded Portland Rose Festival Foundation President Todd Johnston, who attended the selection presentation.

The main categories in which candidates are judged are: Community service, academics, and their ability to effectively communicate in the interview process, Johnston said. “They’re asked tough questions, and are required to give honest feedback. If you can navigate the waters of being able to effectively communicate and tell your story, this increases the possibility of participating in the Portland Rose Festival Court program.”

As her first media interview began, Princess Callie glanced at our media credential. “I love THE BEE; it’s a great paper,” she exclaimed. “Being selected means so much, because it means I’ll be the representative for my school. Cleveland and the Cleveland community have given so much to me for the past four years. I'm so honored to have the chance to represent them in the Portland Rose Festival.

“I’m really looking forward to all the great people. I've heard it's a great opportunity to make life-long relationships. I’m looking forward to making new friends and new connections across the city. And, I am proud to part of the Portland Rose Festival Court, when we represent our city as we travel around the region.”

18-year old senior Princess Callie has participated in numerous school activities, from Varsity cheerleading, to being the school’s newspaper Editor-in-Chief. After school, she enjoys playing piano, tumbling and gymnastics, baking pies, and working in the Sellwood Community Center’s After-School Program.

CHS Princess Callie Krevanko wants to obtain a degree in neuroscience and attend medical school. Her goal will get a boost from the $3,500 scholarship awarded her by The Randall Group that went with being named the school’s Rose Festival Princess this year.

Cheer on 2014 Portland Rose Festival Cleveland High School Princess Callie Krevanko on Saturday, June 7, when the selection of this year’s Rose Festival Queen’s Coronation gets underway at 8 am in Portland’s Veterans Memorial Coliseum, just before the Grand Floral Parade begins.

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