COURTESY OF KPTV-12 NEWS - Paramedics tend to the most recent bicyclist struck down at S.E. 26th Avenue at Powell Boulevard. As in the previous cases, a vehicle turning left from 26th struck a bicyclist proceeding with the green light. Less than three weeks after a bicyclist lost his leg when hit by a pickup in front of Cleveland High on S.E. 26th Avenue at Powell Boulevard, another bike rider was injured on May 29 at the same place, at 11:12 am.

“A bicycle rider was struck by a Jeep Cherokee at 26th Avenue and Powell Boulevard,” confirmed Portland Police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson.

The latest victim, 37-year-old Peter Anderson, was sent to a Portland hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, Simpson said.

“The vehicle’s driver, 25-year-old Noah Gilbertson, was traveling eastbound on Powell, approaching 26th Avenue,” Simpson said. “Anderson, on his bicycle, was stopped on 26th, northbound, and had begun to cross Powell when he was struck by Gilberton’s Jeep Cherokee.”

After PPB Traffic Division officers completed their investigation, they determined that bicyclist Anderson was crossing the street on a green signal, and thus had the right of way. “Gilbertson was cited for ‘Careless Driving with Serious Injury to a Vulnerable Person’,” Simpson said.

The following day, May 30, Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) began installing left-turn signals on the north-south axis at the intersection; there were already such signals for east-west travelers.

“This improvement will prohibit left turns [by vehicles] from S.E. 26th when bicycles and pedestrians are crossing the intersection on Powell, and provide a dedicated left-turning phase for vehicles turning left onto S.E. Powell Boulevard,” explained ODOT spokesman Don Hamilton.

The new signals were operating two days later, on Monday, June 1.