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DAVID F. ASHTON - Paramedics check out a pedestrian who was struck by a car on S.E. Foster Road: He was knocked in the air by the impact, smashed down on the cars windshield, then rolled into the street...after which he got up and walked away. Police and paramedics rushed to the intersection of S.E. Foster Road at 65th Avenue on Tuesday evening, September 15, at 9 pm, responding to a “pedestrian struck by vehicle” call.

A two-door Audi coupe was stopped facing westbound in the intersection as they arrived – several feet behind a marked pedestrian crossing on the rain-dampened street.

The car’s windshield was shattered across its width, with a small area punched through near the center – indicating that the pedestrian had struck it with considerable force.

Woodstock Fire Station 25’s engine and truck company, and its firefighter/paramedics, were soon on hand, examining the struck pedestrian where he lay in the center of the crosswalk.

The driver stayed at the scene, and told a Portland Police Traffic Division officer that she’d been westbound on Foster Road. Before her car entered the intersection at S.E. 65th Avenue, the driver said that the victim had been jaywalking, and “stumbled” in front of her car. She could not avoid hitting him, she contended.

To the surprise of emergency medical personnel and onlookers, the struck pedestrian whose airborne body had smashed the Audi’s windshield, slowly stood up from the pavement and continued talking with them. After several minutes of discourse, the AMR ambulance crew standing by packed up their backboard, and rolled away their gurney, without a patient.

But wait – the pedestrian then clambered into the back of the ambulance, and the doors closed; but the ambulance didn’t leave. Instead, about ten minutes later, the man emerged from the ambulance again.

When asked for clarification about what had occurred, PPB Public Information Officer Sgt. Pete Simpson looked up the record for THE BEE.

“According to the report, the pedestrian had been doing a bit of drinking, and stumbled into the street in front of a moving vehicle,” Simpson said. “Apparently he was not seriously injured.”

The driver of the car wasn’t cited in the crash. “They didn’t cite the pedestrian, either,” Simpson commented.

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