An impatient pass turns into a real mess for one driver

DAVID F. ASHTON - The gymnasium buildings red brick masonry could not withstand the careening Kia. When a car slowed down, looking for street parking on S.E. 50th Avenue just south of Lincoln Street about 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, February 8, the driver of the white Kia Rio LX behind it acted impatiently, witnesses said.

"The Kia's driver sped around the slow car – and smashed into a [southbound] blue car, pushing it into my boyfriend's car," said Sara, who lives "in the house on the corner".

Even though this is a narrow two-lane street, the Kia had managed to pick up enough speed and momentum in the impetuous pass that, when it hit the western curb, it snapped off a TriMet bus stop sign and sent it like a javelin through the window of a sports conditioning gym.

The red brick masonry on the building, and the windows above it, gave way as the Kia slammed into the building.

Police officers at the scene told THE BEE that no one was seriously injured, either in the vehicles, or in the gym.

This incident remains under investigation. Based on witness accounts, a citation seems to be a possibility.

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