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ELIZABETH USSHER GROFF - Filming in Woodstock Park for the eighth and final season of the television comedy Portlandia is Carrie Brownstein - third from left - with some of her crew. Anyone who has ever watched the IFC television series "Portlandia" knows that it is a gently satirical hoot about Portland. Portraying some of Portlanders' idiosyncratic habits – a penchant for environmental, dietary, and relationship "political correctness"– is at the heart of some of the series' zaniness.

On a recent beautiful summer day, Portlandia's eighth and final season – yes final – was being filmed in Woodstock Park. Staging was set up under the Douglas Fir trees on the path just northwest of Woodstock Elementary School.

A dozen production and supply trucks were parked in the neighborhood, on S.E. Ellis and on 46th and 47th Avenues. The base camp on S.E. 46th was keeping track of production details, with Steven Weisman, production supervisor, in charge.

"We shoot for forty-one days – that's about two and a half different locations every day. There are eighty total locations in Portland for the eighth season," Weisman explained.

Since there are only two people in the cast, Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen, Weisman noted "they don't get many days off. They work really hard."

Bystanders near the production were urged not to get too close, or to take photos during production, but about a dozen people who had stumbled on the shooting while walking in the park were gathered to see how the filming was unfolding.

Around the corner was an old converted school bus, named "Old School Craft", that was filled with snacks, coffee, and soft drinks. Owned by Aaron Ward and Rachel Lipsey, it has provided refreshment support for twelve years – since the beginning of all of the series. Ward commented, from experience, that a lot of support and logistics are required for the filming.

The day after filming "wrapped" in Woodstock Park, the production was off to Lloyd Center to film in the streets surrounding the mall.

The new season will air in January and February of 2018. It can be viewed on IFC, the "Independent Film Channel", which is a cable and satellite television channel owned by AMC Networks. Viewers who don't get IFC can access all of the seasons on Netflix, or can check out the DVDs at a branch of the Multnomah County Library.

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