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Sellwood Pool story


Thanks [to writer Dana Beck] so much for the fascinating and wonderful story about the beginning and development of what is now the Sellwood Pool [August BEE]. A great leader in our access to enjoyment of cool waters in hot summers. Having swum in it as a child (in the 1940s), it was great to reminisce and enjoy.

Jeanne Schoel Sellwood

Salmon Celebration coming again to Westmoreland Park

Editor, The 4th Annual Salmon Celebration at Westmoreland Park is coming up on September 24th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mark your calendar! The Salmon Celebration provides environmental education, a Native American cultural experience, and celebrates the return of salmon to Crystal Springs Creek.

The Salmon Celebration coincides with the last-of-the-season Sunday Parkways presented by Kaiser Permanente. Similar to last year's ride, the route stops in Westmoreland Park, where the Salmon Celebration is held. Once again Sunday Parkways takes riders to the City of Milwaukie, right about where salmon heading up the Willamette River take a left exit to Johnson Creek and another left into Crystal Springs Creek. Learn about the Sunday Parkways ride here:

And, details of the Salmon Celebration are here:

Finally, check out our Facebook event page:

As co-chair of the Crystal Springs Partnership (CSP), I am proud to be a part of the community that pulls this celebration together each year. Join us on September 24th, stay tuned for restoration and education opportunities with the CSP throughout the year, and see you around the watershed!

Karl Lee

for the Crystal Springs Partnership

Synonyms for violent bandits


The hard hitting BEE was way out of line responding to complaints about your use of the word "thug". . . So to make it plain for you; using the term "thug" to describe black men is considered racist. Plain and simple. No if's ands or buts. It's been shown that news reporting have exclusively used the word for black men over the years to create sensationalism against blacks in general and if you asked the majority of the US, Sellwood included, to shut their eyes and picture a thug – it will be a black man. That's wrong. This isn't my profession and yet, I know about this. . . You get a complaint like this again, take a time out, do some research and apologize or then defend yourself. I don't care if THE BEE is 100, none of us are too old to learn. And so to answer your painfully condescending what words should we use – how about perpetrator, accused, lawbreaker, Offender. . . We all need to do better, even THE BEE.

Amy Scott


EDITOR'S NOTE: To be crystal clear, we have always used that word as a synonym for any "violent bandit", and most of those, over the years, have been white. There are more whites than blacks in Portland, so more bandits here are white than black, and thus more violent bandits here are white than black. It is not a racial issue. This matter arose because, for a change, in a recent local news story, the violent bandit we described was black. (In the week of August 14 we saw no less than two uses of "thug" in describing violent whites in the national news, one from the Associated Press, by the way.) Since now the dictionary term may have taken on a new and unwelcome connotation, as we told you last month, we will now be using some other term for "violent bandit". Unfortunately, none of the synonyms offered by Ms. Scott convey violence. Rather than using compound terms like "violent perpetrator" or "violent offender", we prefer a single word that conveys both – like the one we now are putting aside. We are still open to suggestions.

Thanks from "Sundae in the Park"


As the summer winds down, we would like to thank all the performers and the volunteers who helped set up, run, and clean up after, this summer's Sundae in the Park [in Sellwood Park]. Over the past 38 years, Sundae in the Park has served as a Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood gathering promoted by SMILE and as a fundraising event for The Meals on Wheels People. Without the help of dozens of neighborhood volunteers, and area churches and nonprofits, this event just wouldn't be the same. Many thanks to the SMILE Land Use and History Committees for being available to answer residents' questions and concerns. The comfortably warm Sunday this year ended with the outdoor movie showing of the recent animated movie "Storks" sponsored by the SWBA (Sellwood Westmoreland Business Alliance.) Three individuals we'd like to especially thank are: Julie Skarphol of Christ Church Sellwood, and Kathy Aune and her granddaughter for all their help organizing the volunteers, and the Drawing and the Bingo activities.

This annual neighborhood celebration needs YOUR ideas and YOUR involvement. These social gatherings are what makes our neighborhood such a great place live! Look for it next year on the first Sunday in August. Planning starts early in the year, and you are invited to join us all for that!

Dana, Gail, Eric, Diane, and Nancy

SMILE Sundae in the Park Committee

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