The update on this contentious issue in Eastmoreland is -- that there is really nothing new, yet, to report

Whether or not a large portion of the Eastmoreland neighborhood will become designated an Historic District, through the National Parks Service's National Register program, remains stalled.

"We're still waiting to hear from the Oregon Department of Justice regarding questions raised by the legal filings," Oregon Parks & Recreation Historian Ian Johnson told THE BEE.

"And, on September 12, the National Parks Service National Register program provided us with copies their administrative records, gathered from May 15 through June 30, so we can cross-check them against ours," reported Johnson.

"We're not doing a recount of objections, but instead, just reconciling the records," explained Johnson. "They should all match, in theory; but during the 'Consideration Period', we were in a legal 'stay', so there is a possibility that the records may not match – even though we requested that parties send the same information to us and to the National Parks Service.

"Additionally, we asked the National Parks Service for a specific counting process to make sure we're using the correct procedure," Johnson added. "And finally, we have told both [the Oregon D.O.J. and National Parks] that a prompt response would be appreciated."