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Local guy makes good on golf course

COURTESY OF MATT JACOBY - The golfing guys with the trophies are Matt Jacoby in the turquoise shirt on the left, winner of the Senior Division, and Noah Yano on the right, winner of the Junior Division. Editor,

Local guy makes good! Matt Jacoby, a 55 year old professional painter who does most of his work in the neighborhood he grew up in, has always been an avid golfer. He finally became a member of golf's Eastmoreland Men's Club in 1985. His first taste of golf was with his father Walter, who took him to the driving range at age 6. His father, who was a baseball empire, teacher, and an E9 in the Coast Guard, was very supportive. Matt has won the Eastmoreland Club Championship twice, both in the senior division. In 2015 he shot 75, then 69 on Sunday, to win. Then he won again in 2017, just two weeks after he won the City Championship. Matt, with a 4 handicap was on a roll! He has played in the City Championship several times, but 2017 was his year. The first day, Matt opened with an 80 – then bounced back with a 72 on Sunday. By the end of the day Sunday, it was a three way tie – so Matt went on to win in a seven-hole playoff, pretty unheard of for a playoff. He couldn't have been happier. He said, "It's an exciting game. You never know what can happen!" Alan Smithee

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McLoughlin repaving project

Editor, Today, September 16th, at about 1:15 pm we got stuck on McLoughlin with extreme gridlock. Seems they were pouring a lot of crushed stone out of at least 3 trucks which made huge clouds of dust as the stone came down onto the ground, and as well they were using scrapers to level it, and creating even more dust. On top of the bad air quality today, the air was thick with very unhealthy smoke as well as the stone dust. None of the workers, who I would assume will be exposed to this all day, had any kind of dust masks or protection from what I would consider a serious health hazard which could lead to permanent lung damage.

I am writing you as you seem to be proactive about situations like these, and the work on McLoughlin looks as if it will be ongoing for some weeks. I assume after rains start the dust will be better but for now it is awful.

Christine Zachary S.E. 42nd Avenue


First let me say, I love THE BEE. So I was very disappointed to read the September headline "Construction Delays". I watched the construction men and women work every week night from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. and weekends from Friday at 9 p.m. to Monday at 5 a.m. over the month of August to get the culvert project completed in the least disruptive way possible. One night they run into problems and that is what you focus on. Where in the article did you acknowledge the good, non-disruptive way this project was handled? I say KUDOS TO ALL WHO WORKED ON THIS PROJECT.

Judy Yablonski

Westmoreland's Union Manor

EDITOR'S NOTE: The news we were reporting (and the complete headline was split on page one between the top and the bottom of the photo) concerned the severe traffic disruption on the day they were unable to open the highway fully, as required, by 5 a.m. That impacted a lot of people, and we told the story of why and how it happened. We have been covering this project monthly from its beginning, and have told the positive news also. Anyway, workers finally did get the Crystal Springs Creek culvert replaced, and are now moving swiftly into the repaving of the highway, the major part of which they expect to finish by the end of October – although the finishing work could continue into December – especially if the weather turns stormy.

More new businesses, and less parking

Editor, The same old story of new businesses opening with absolutely no parking. Knight Street is now jammed from 52nd to 50th, as well as 51st. Near impossible to access my own driveway, due to cars parking where ever they want. These folks for the most part are polite, but a few are loud. Seems the thing to do after yoga is stand outside your car, change clothes, and talk about the great experience! Mark my words, it won't be long until an accident at 51st and Knight. Cars constantly make U-turns, block the street by parking the wrong way, or parking three feet from the curb. This "free" parking is great for the businesses, but has totally ruined our quiet neighborhood. Ted Cottingham


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