A BEE reader encounters one of the superstars of music in a Sellwood restaurant

COURTESY OF DAN OFLAHERTY - Heres a smartphone photo of Lady Gaga (center) and Audrey OFlaherty in Ginos in Sellwood, on Friday evening, October 13. Friday the 13th of October proved to be a lucky day for frequent BEE photographic contributor Dan O'Flaherty and his wife Audrey. O'Flaherty, whose striking photos often are taken somewhere near the Sellwood Bridge (see page 2 of our September issue), and who is Vice President of Sales for TRALE, Inc., the West Coast office of which is at 196 S.E. Spokane Street, ended the week with an evening at Gino's, S.E. 13th at Spokane.

It was there that they spotted a familiar face – a superstar singer who had headlined a Super Bowl halftime show, and who had recently joined Tony Bennett for a hit album of pop standards: Lady Gaga, the wry professional name of New York City native Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, described by Wikipedia as a "Singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer."

O'Flaherty told THE BEE the following morning, "Lady Gaga was at Gino's last night, sitting in the corner spot at the bar, right as you come in. Audrey of course, when appropriate, went right up to her and started chatting. (We had just watched her new documentary the other night – called 5'2" – so we felt we knew her.)

INSTAGRAM MONTAGE - After leaving Ginos, Lady Gaga evidently spent more time in Sellwood walking S.E. 13th, judging from photos she posted on her Instagram account, forwarded to THE BEE by Dan OFlaherty."They talked about how Audrey should resume trying to master a musical instrument, and she was very sweet. We went back to our spot, three feet away, and I watched her write notes and have a couple of Spanish coffees. When she got up to leave, she put on huge sunglasses and a big hat, and walked right to Audrey and reiterated, 'Just pick up the flute and keep playing. Go five minutes one day, six the next…' and she chatted with us a little longer, gave us both a big hug, and then left with her three companions."

O'Flaherty sent us a smartphone photo of Audrey with Lady Gaga, and also a composite of Sellwood photos posted by the Lady herself on her Instagram account shortly after leaving Gino's. He has no idea what she was doing in Sellwood, but observed that one of her Instagram photos was taken in front of what a friend of his identifies as a recording studio on S.E. 13th, so perhaps she was in the neighborhood professionally. He said, from her posted comments on Instagram, "she really likes the vibe here in Portland."

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