It's not that Oaks Park WANTS them to leave...the Fire Marshall is the one who's decided that

DAVID F. ASHTON - Due to the Fire Marshalls determination that it is not zoned for public assembly, the Rose City Rollers stay at this facility inside Oaks Amusement Park in Sellwood is now limited. For the past decade, the historic Oaks Amusement Park Roller Rink in Sellwood hasn't been the only skating facility on the grounds that was drawing crowds.

The "Rose City Rollers" team has used a large structure east of the skating rink adjacent to Oaks Park Way, a building which organizers call the "Hanger", as their practice hall and competition venue for the last ten years.

But, according to Kim Stegeman, the organization's director, the Fire Marshall recently limited attendance at these shows to 200 audience members, finding that it was not zoned for public assembly.

So, Stegeman said, Portland's team in what's becoming the world's largest roller derby league, a team that has won two consecutive World Championships – the Rose City Rollers – will need to find a new venue by July 1, 2018.?

In the past, they've obtained "Single Use Permits" to hold games on the single track inside the Oaks Park building, which has no running water, and no locker rooms.

The group, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, is now actively looking for a property that is proving difficult to find on a budget in the metro area: A 24,000-36,000 sq. ft. building with two clear-span areas of 10,000 sq. ft. to accommodate two full size tracks, with running water, with parking, and near transit, Stegeman told THE BEE. They're open to suggestions.

Find out more about this unique local sports organization at their website:

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