The problem with our cast-iron water mains is that they're old and failing -- in awkward spots

COURTESY KOIN-TV-6 NEWS - After the water to the broken pipe was shut off, and the location in the middle of S.E. 82nd was excavated, Water Bureau workers examined the ruptured cast-iron water main. The "wintery-mix" storm with snow, sleet, and ice on Christmas Eve kept many folks from merrymaking away from home this year, but workers on call with the Portland Water Bureau bundled up and went out – to repair, if not make merry – on S.E. 82nd Avenue of Roses, between Ogden and Cooper Streets.

Digging under the usually-busy street, workers found that an 8-inch cast-iron pipe, said to have been installed back in 1912, had ruptured.

Four businesses and two homes lost water service while the main was repaired; what traffic there was on the thoroughfare had to make detours around the excavation along icy side streets.

After working all night, the city workers had the pipe repaired, and S.E. 82nd was reopened on Christmas morning – making this just another of the 200 water main breaks that PWB crews have to fix each year.

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