A Southeast Portland business experiences a fire; starts cleaning up and getting ready to reopen

DAVID F. ASHTON - After struggling to remove metal security bars, firefighters made access to this burning house, now converted into a business, in the Foster-Powell neighborhood.A residence converted for business use called "Shannon the Cannon's Windows & Other Works, Inc.," at 4961 S.E. 73rd Avenue in the Foster-Powell neighborhood, caught fire in the pre-dawn hours of Friday, March 2.

At 5:25 a.m., the crew riding Woodstock Fire Station's Ladder Truck 25 were the first to arrive, and reported seeing heavy smoke from the structure.

As some crewmembers attempted to get into the blazing building through windows and doors secured with metal bars, a firefighter cut into the side of the house and flames shot out of the opening,

"Although this fire came in as a residential fire, it turned out to be a business in a converted house," confirmed PF&R Public Information Officer Capt. Louisa Jones. "The security bars on all windows and doors delayed firefighter access, allowing the fire to continue to grow, unchecked, for several more minutes as they worked to cut the bars off."

Once inside, firefighters determined that fire which began in the basement had spread up through the walls and into the attic. "Anytime firefighters are faced with fire below them and above them, the danger is increased; and, combined with the access delay, it was imperative to carefully coordinate tactical efforts to minimize any further risks," Jones told THE BEE.

Search and rescue, extinguishment, and ventilation efforts went as planned, and they extinguished the fire fairly quickly; the fire was "recalled", standing down the fire crews, at 6:52 a.m.

"There were no occupants in the structure at the time of the fire," Jones said, adding, "The cause of the fire is still under investigation at this time." Meantime, the business reports that it is getting underway repairing the damage and opening its doors again.

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