A bizarre legal strategy has been accepted by the state, allowing 5 opponents to vote as 5,000

The Oregon State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) announced on the morning of April 25 that it had determined that the opponents of the proposed Eastmoreland Historic District (District) in Portland submitted enough objections to prevent listing the District in the National Register of Historic Places.

They accomplished this turn-around from the apparent majority of individual votes submitted in favor through the tactic of five opponents forming "1000 trusts" as owner of their properties, and then casting a total of 5,000 negative votes. According to federal rules for the program, if the majority of the private property owners within a district object to the listing the district cannot be listed in the National Register.

The 5,000 negative votes defeated the plan, as far as the state is concerned.

THE BEE will have more information on this turn of events in the forthcoming May issue, on page one.

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