A celebrity on a unicycle led a Westmoreland student bike train -- but no flames, for safety reasons

DAVID F. ASHTON - After arriving at Llewellyn Elementary School, the Unipiper continued to entertain. To encourage both kids and their parents to get regular outdoor exercise, the Llewellyn Elementary School Bicycle Club promotes Friday morning "bike trains".

"We found a lot of people who want to ride or walk to school, but sometimes they feel like they can't because they don't have the time," commented Llewellyn parent, and a volunteer with the club, Adam Seidman.

"What made it special today we had the 'Unipiper', as well as Principal Joe Galati. riding with us," Seidman said about the May 18 ride.

"With a regular 'bike train' every week, parents know that there will be a sizeable group meeting up in which they can safely ride – especially like today, with about 100 in our group – and, their kids will have fun with others who are doing the same."

In the Llewellyn Elementary School playground was set up a mini-bicycle fair, with staff from the Westmoreland Bike Gallery store airing up tires; folks from Providence Milwaukie Hospital selling bike helmets of all sizes for $5; and the school's bike club providing snacks.

Arriving at the school, after taking selfies with parents and students, the "Unipiper" – who in real life is Brian Kidd – took off his Darth Vader mask and told THE BEE that, after a dozen years of performing by riding his unicycle while playing flaming bagpipes, he still enjoys entertaining people.

Kidd, who has performed as the Unipiper on "Good Morning America", "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", and other national TV shows, confided that he has settled down, now that he's married with a child and has a regular job. "Being a dad, I'm a bit more cautious – so I wasn't shooting fire today, because there are so many little kids around."

Too soon for many students, the school bell rang, and classes started for another day at Llewellyn Elementary School in Westmoreland.

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