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Our new press setup made an unusual error last month -- and our readers told us about it!

When people began to receive their June BEE in the mail, or to take it from one of our many free newsstands ans business or library distribution points, the phone calls and e-mails began. It was not about a news story, or even an ad, although there were a few of those missing in the issue also. It was about the missing crossword puzzle.

Yes, it wasn't in the paper. There's nothing like leaving a feature out to learn that there are people who enjoy it! That was good information for us, and we appreciated that several callers commented that they thought our crossword puzzle was better than the ones they find in other newspapers. But we didn't leave it out on purpose.

The dust has barely settled at the Pamplin Media newly expanded and updated press facility in Gresham, and a snafu or two can be expected, but this one was a beaut: Somehow our 22-page print order was overlooked, and so was the fact that we submitted a 22-page fully composed newspaper file for printing. And only the first 20 pages were printed. The mishap did not come to our attention until after the paper had been printed and mailed.

Mark Garber, President of Community Newspapers Inc. and Pamplin Media, has looked into the error and set new failsafes in place to make sure it doesn't ever happen again to any of our 23 local Oregon newspapers; but the deed by then was done. The crossword puzzle had been on Page 21.

In view of so many readers having missed it, we present it below. And the two stories that were not printed, "'Friends' continue making Multnomah County Fair a hit" and "Hula class for seniors draws widely at Woodstock Community Center" have been featured all month on both BEE websites –, and – and can be searched for on the former website. The ads that were missed appeared without additional charge in the Portland Tribune, and also on the website.

We've been looking forward, though, to having the complete JULY issue in the hands of our print readers!

Here's the June crossword puzzle. Click here and enjoy (you will want to print it out):

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