The back halves of two large RVs burned and melted so thoroughly they had actually disappeared

ERIC NORBERG - The entire rear ends of both luxury motor homes were completely burned off in the commercial fire, one and a half blocks south of Holgate Boulevard on S.E. 27th. From some distance away, people reported seeing thick plumes of dark smoke rising from the industrial section of the Reed neighborhood on the afternoon of August 19.

Woodstock Fire Station's Engine 25's crew was first to roll up to "Gearhead Production Rentals", near S.E. 25th Avenue, just north of Long Street, and a block and a half south of Holgate Boulevard. The lieutenant reported back to dispatch seeing "heavy fire, and propane tanks exploding" outside the building.

Six additional PF&R units arrived soon afterward, as well as two Battalion Chiefs and an Investigator.

The focus of the firefighting were two high-end motor homes that had burned so fiercely that the back ends of both vehicles had completely disappeared. An adjacent grip truck was singed as well.

ERIC NORBERG - Looking under one of the two incinerated motor homes for additional fire, a firefighter is ready to spray more Class A foam to extinguish any further flames. "An electrical power line burned through, and fell on one of the RVs, causing firefighters to momentarily pull back," reported PF&R Public Information Officer Lt. Rich Chatman. "Crews were able to protect exposures to buildings near the fire" – which took about 17 minutes to contain.

The cause of the blaze at this Reed neighborhood business – which serves the motion picture and television production industry with vehicles, grip gear, film lighting equipment, production supplies, and expendables – is still under investigation.

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