This is the kind of story that shows the value of having a 'designated driver' take you home

DAVID F. ASHTON - A witness talks with an officer - after a drunk driver smashed into a parked minivan, and then drove his pickup up onto the sidewalk. Neighbors enjoying cheer at the Checkered Flag Tavern on S.E. 82nd Avenue at Flavel Street in the Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood suspected there might be trouble, when the bartender refused service to a man who other patrons considered "highly intoxicated", on Tuesday evening, November 27.

"He took a swing at a couple of people, and then sucker-punched me," a witness reported. "But what worried us most was when he staggered out the door, hopped into a big pickup truck, and peeled out of the parking lot!"

The black Ford 150 XLT truck took off westbound on S.E. Flavel Street. It got about six blocks before problems arose.

In the 7600 block, the driver swerved into the bike lane, smashed into the back of a parked burgundy Plymouth Voyager, veered across the street and popped up the curb, before his truck died on the sidewalk, still facing west, in front of Flavel Park.

Passers-by told arriving Portland Police Bureau (PPB) officers that they saw a man stagger out of the truck, and try to flee back eastward on Flavel. When officers found him near S.E. 80th Avenue, he reportedly spun around and tried to climb into a yard over bushes – but instead, he fell over and became entangled in the hedge.

The crew of Portland Fire & Rescue Engine 11 arrived, as did an ambulance; the man was transported to a local hospital, but without injuries that would warrant use of flashing lights or sirens.

Later, looking at his smashed Plymouth minivan, its owner said that because he'd gotten home early, he was glad he wasn't in the parked vehicle when the collision occurred.

"37-year-old Patrick Butterfield was cited for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) and Failure to Perform the Duties of a Driver (Hit and Run)," Portland Police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson confirmed to THE BEE.

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