Days of long detours and traffic backups seemed worth it, when the work on 17th was done

DAVID F. ASHTON - The freshly-poured concrete bus pad steams in the morning sun, as workers prepare to repave another section of the block with new asphalt. Many drivers were surprised and annoyed to find detour signs preventing them from traveling north on S.E. 17th Avenue in Sellwood between Tacoma and Spokane Streets, starting on Sunday, December 2.

During the ten-day project, officials from the Portland Bureau of Transportation said that the major project was done to dig out the bus-stop asphalt, and replace it with a more durable concrete bus pad.

Part of the "Fixing Our Streets" project funded by tax revenue, workers were seen repairing other rough spots on the street's surface while the concrete cured.

Thanks to clear weather, the concrete bus pad was poured – and the scheduled ten days of repairs were completed in five days, and 17th Avenue was reopened well ahead of schedule.

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