That hugely mossy and fern-y roof in Sellwood Park is finally being fixed, as it the house under it

DAVID F. ASHTON - Contractors peeled off layers of moss and old wooden shingles, as repairs to the Sellwood Parks century-old kitchen building got underway. At long last, the historic Sellwood Park kitchen outbuilding is getting a new roof.

"Both the Sellwood Park kitchen and bathhouse buildings date to the 1920s," confirmed Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) Community Engagement Coordinator Maija Spencer.

The old wood shingle roof was deteriorating, and the abundant buildup of moss and plant life caused the Multnomah County Health Department to demand that volunteers from the Southeast Portland Rotary Club stand under sturdy canopies during "Sundae in the Park" – to make sure that all the debris and moss didn't slide off into the ice cream and toppings they serve there each August.

"When we visited the Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood Improvement League (SMILE) in November of 2015 to discuss the planned bathhouse repair, we had a request from neighbors to also repair the kitchen's roof, if funding allowed," Spencer told THE BEE. "In 2017, when PP&R developed the Phase 2 of the '2014 Parks Replacement Bond', the Bureau did allocate funds for this project."

"The new shingles are to be similar to those on the new roof of the adjacent bathhouse building," remarked Spencer.

Removing the old shingles brought to light numerous places where structural repairs were needed. Contractors were expected to have finished installing new roof sheathing, vents, flashings, new shingles, and gutters, by the end of December – although that won't complete the full rehab of the building.

Construction will continue – focusing on replacing the structural columns, other interior work, and repairing and painting exterior siding. "The project is expected to be wrapped up by next March, assuming all goes smoothly this winter," Spencer said.

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