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Air Raid Warden in Sellwood

Sellwood Air Raid Warden ID card from World War IIEditor,

I would like to thank Dana Beck for the "Inner Southeast During WWII" history article. My father grew up in Sellwood in the 1920-40s, and I have just recently moved to beautiful Eastmoreland to retire.

In addition to the wartime Victory Gardens you mentioned, apparently ordinary civilians were also ready to engage in whatever duties were necessary in the event of an air raid. I thought you might enjoy seeing my grandmother's official "Air Raid Warden" ID card from that time. It was fun to discover that a part of wartime Sellwood was entrusted to her.

Cece Cutsforth

S.E. 28th Avenue

Saddened by thrift store closing


I enjoyed browsing through Sam's Attic thrift store [on S.E. 17th in Sellwood] so I was sad when I stopped by today [November 16] to see that it's been closed. The sign on the door says they will be relocating, though as yet they have no new address. I think others would be interested, as I am, if you could find out more details and print a story. They supported a good cause with the store, and I'd like to continue to patronize their efforts. I have the sinking feeling the spot is the target for yet another big building to be developed. It would be interesting to learn what is going on.

Lisa Rowan

via e-mail

EDITOR'S NOTE: Don't yet know for sure, but our suspicion is that the property may be incorporated into space for the large apartment building planned for the west side of the block, which will replace the now-closed Penguin Pub and Goodwill Donation Center, as well as the large paved area, north to S.E. Tacoma Street.

Misplaced modifier found


The caption accompanying the photo of an alleged pot store thief on page 14 of the December issue of THE BEE amused me: "After exiting the smashed getaway car, a neighbor snapped this photo of a suspect as he ran away." What was the neighbor doing in the getaway car? . . My mother used to nail me for this exact grammatical error when I was a kid, so I am highly attuned to it. Anyway, thanks for the laugh.

Joe Dudman

S.E. Rex Street, Eastmoreland

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yep, misplaced modifier. I try to catch those. Missed that one. You're welcome!

New Storytime announced for Sellwood Library


The Sellwood-Westmoreland library is starting a new Storytime on Sundays for families who may not be able to attend Storytimes during the week. It occurs every second Sunday from 1 until 1:30 p.m. The next one is happening on December 9th. Below is a small description of the storytime:

Sunday Storytimes at Sellwood-Moreland Library invite children from birth to age 6, along with a favorite adult, to sing, dance, and enjoy stories. Don't forget that it is every Second Sunday of each month all year, from 1 to 1:30 p.m.

Hue Lam-Sullivan

Information Services Library Assistant

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