The muralist discloses the personal motivation he had to create this mural along Powell Boulevard

RITA A. LEONARD - This new wall mural on Powell Boulevard, called Time Traveler, features the artists new son, Griffen, and two family cats. Time was, when you gained a new family member or pet, you might carry a photo in your wallet to show people. In 2018, you paint it on a building instead!

Such a mural has appeared on the back of a garage on S.E. 64th Avenue at Powell Boulevard.

The artist, Joe Shea, tells THE BEE he was trained at the Art Institute in Boston, and has been creating art for over 25 years. This particular mural features Joe's son, Griffen, and two family cats ("his siblings," says Joe) – and it's called "Time Traveler".

Aside from the boy and the cats, "I have a fascination with pocket watches, which often recur in my art," Shea explains. "The watch represents time, and the numbers on this mural represent travel and experience.

"My inspiration comes from many sources – mostly traveling abroad, and exploring nature. This mural was inspired by the birth of my first son, mixed with some influences from classic children's books and sci-fi films.

"I've painted a few murals previously in Portland, since I work with the folks at 'Forest for the Trees'. I was fortunate enough to create that project's first multi-media installation at Portland Airport; but most of my public art projects are located all around the country and abroad. My website – – shows many photos of my past projects.

"'Time Traveler' was completed in July, and includes my family's beloved pets, Lyric (who passed away recently at age 18), and Little One. Lyric has found her way into many of my past murals and sculptures – she was my studio assistant for many years, and her spirit lives on in my work. My art is filled with dreamy open space environments, representing the ocean, the sky, and space itself....I like to think of this as a magical place where anything is possible.

"Working on this mural has been a nice form of decompression from my 'Dad duties'," admits Shea. "When I paint, it's very therapeutic, and helps me keep a balance in life. This mural is something for my family and our community to enjoy.

"It's been a nice way to get to know my neighbors, while doing the kind of work I love."

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