The costs of a First Class letter and various other postal services are going up again

RITA A. LEONARD - Rae Denton - shown at the customer counter of the Sellwood-Moreland Post Office, on S.E. 15th at Bybee Boulevard, in Westmoreland. Local Post Offices already knew about it, and now you know it too: Postal rates have just gone up again this year. At the end of the day on Saturday, January 26, stamps for First Class letters increased from 50 to 55 cents for the first ounce.

Sales and Service Associate Kellie, at the Brooklyn Post Office just off Powell Boulevard on S.E. 17th, reveals that while few customers have yet been buying five-cent stamps to make up the difference, "We had a run on 'Forever' stamps before the increase. The prices on all Priority Flat Rate mailers went up, as well. However, the 'additional ounce' charge on First Class mail has been reduced from 21 cents to 15 cents per ounce, which means a lower total cost for heavier First Class letters." "Forever" stamps – ones with no price marked on them, but just the word "Forever" – are now worth 55 cents apiece, regardless of when you bought them, or what they cost when you did. But if you buy any now, they'll be 55 cents apiece. Although these stamps are good for all mailings within the United States, always reflecting the current First Class rate, be sure not to use them on foreign mail; other countries do not accept any non-denominated stamps. For those mailings, you will have to buy stamps with the correct mailing price marked on them.

Sales and Service Associate Rae Denton at the Sellwood-Moreland Post Office told THE BEE that rental prices for Post Office boxes also went up on January 27. "And for those who forget Valentine's Day, we also sell greeting cards in our lobby," she suggests with a smile. All Post Offices will be closed on February 18 for "Presidents' Day". If you have any further questions about the new postage pricing, ask at your local Post Office, or go online –

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