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Editor's speculation wrong


In the January issue of THE BEE, Letters to the Editor, your response to the letter about Sam's Attic speculated that there is a large apartment building planned for the west side of the block. The permit application for the property at – – states:


The application for an early assistance meeting the developer had with the City in 2017 states: "Future code – Construction of a 13,292 square foot retail pharmacy with parking for 20 vehicles."

So it would appear that a one-story pharmacy is planned for the west side of 17th between Tacoma and Tenino, not a large apartment building. There is an 81-unit apartment building on the east side of 17th at the former Mike's Drive In site that is under review, perhaps this was the source of the confusion.

To help track development in the neighborhood, the SMILE Land Use Committee maintains a spreadsheet listing development projects in the pipeline that is available to the public at – Click on the Land Use Committee tab, then scroll down to find the latest Project Pipeline list.

David Schoellhamer

Sellwood Moreland Improvement League (SMILE)

Land Use Committee Chair EDITOR'S NOTE: See separate article about "Sam's Attic" in this issue for more information.

Coyotes spotted in Southeast

Editor, In the Westmoreland and Sellwood areas of Portland we are seeing more coyotes in the mornings and mid-day. They have always been in this neighborhood, located between two golf courses and a wildlife refuge; but now it appears someone is actually encouraging them by leaving out food. I used to see 2 to 4 a year roaming around in daylight, now I'm seeing that many a week.

On the Nextdoor social media outlet there are varieties of recent posts, from urgent to casual, about their presence. There are reported sightings of coyotes with cats in their mouths and tales of people actually allowing their dogs to have contact.

Donna Kane

via e-mail Editor,

Coyotes in our neighborhood are becoming much too bold, and a danger to our pets and small children. There have been many sightings recently of coyotes in the streets of Sellwood and Eastmoreland, in Sellwood Park, and in people's yards in Sellwood. Many local residents have had their outdoor cats disappear – at least some of them likely taken by the coyotes.

I have posted many times already on Nextdoor about hazing coyotes to make them afraid of people, and to scare them away from "human territory" and [to make them] stay in Oaks Bottom and wherever else they live in the "wild" around here. . .

But apparently there are a lot of people who are not on Nextdoor, and they need education about this problem. Two local residents reported that today they saw bread crumbs and raw chicken left outside for the wildlife to eat. One of those residents wondered whether the chicken was poisoned. S.E. Rex and Milwaukie is a location where one resident has seen food dumped regularly – apparently someone's wrong-headed idea of being nice to the birds, rats, coyotes, or something.

Mimi Silliau

via e-mail EDITOR'S NOTE: Coyotes are native to the entire United States and they have long since made themselves at home in large cities as well as rural areas. For at least a decade we have received reports of dismembered or partially eaten cats in Inner Southeast, with coyotes the most likely culprits; coyotes have long roamed Reed Canyon and they apparently inhabit Oaks Bottom as well. At 10 am on December 5 I personally saw a sleek and well-fed coyote come up out of Oaks Bottom near S.E. 13th and Sellwood Boulevard, and a similar sighting was reported to near 18th and Harold around the same time. Normally coyotes avoid human interaction, but pets (especially cats not kept inside) and other small creatures are on the menu if coyotes come across them. They also eat squirrels and other wildlife. Along with raccoons, possums, skunks, rats, mice, birds, and other wildlife they share our city and it would be wise to keep pets and children away from opportunities to be confronted by them.

A yet-older house in Woodstock


[In her story in the January BEE,] Ms. Fitzsimons asked to be contacted if any older houses were known than the 1892 Russell home. The house next door to mine, at 5803 S.E. Woodstock, is listed as 1890 in Portland Maps. It was converted into a duplex during the mid-Twentieth Century. I know the current owner has recently moved the renters, but I don't know her plans for the future of the house.

Marisa Thyken


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