It was not a good month for keeping cars out of commerical buildings in Inner Southeast

DAVID F. ASHTON - Inside the thrift store, a worker began to clean up after a car smashed through the business front plate-glass windows. Staff and volunteers inside the "TC Resale & Donation Center" at 5050 S.E. 82nd Avenue, just north of Foster Road, were shocked when a car smashed through their front plate glass windows on Wednesday, January 9, at about 5:30 p.m.

"Most of us were in the back, sorting donations, when we heard a loud crash; I thought someone had knocked over the rows of china and glassware near the front of the store," one of the still-rattled workers told THE BEE.

A black Nissan Sentra SU sedan had driven up over a concrete parking stop and smashed through two plate glass windows into the store. A volunteer, surveying the damage, said it looked as if there'd been an explosion in the store.

An East Precinct officer concluded that no one had been injured in the crash; and the arriving crew Woodstock's Fire Truck 25 found no damage sufficient to endanger the building's structure.

"My foot slipped off the [brake] pedal and onto the gas pedal," admitted the woman who had been trying to park the car. Magnanimously, the store's staff comforted her, saying, "It's just an accident; you're okay, and everything else can be fixed."

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