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Cyclamen plants rescued in Westmoreland


Hardy cyclamen plants are hard to find now (see posting on Portland Nursery website). But Sellwood resident Sena Moe grew them at 7401 S.E. 13th Street, where they naturalized and spread through her lawn over the years. Sena bought her home in 1934, and lived there until her death in 1998. Since I moved to Sellwood in 1990, I have enjoyed seeing the small pink flowers carpet her front yard each Fall.

When I noticed the home being sold this Spring, I watched until the workmen began to cut down the trees, preparing for redevelopment of the lot. Then, I checked with the family (brother and niece), and got permission to remove as many cyclamen as could be used for Betsy Stevenson's annual Nehalem Street Plant Exchange on April 14. Betsy and I rescued several trays of the flat-stone-like tubers, some as big as dinner plates. Happy gardeners took them home from the plant exchange this year, grateful to Sena Moe for starting them in her garden.

Ms. Moe's brother, Sellwood resident Peter Neketin, told me that his sister was a "wild and crazy gardener", who owned a restaurant in Milwaukie at one time. He recalled staying at his sister's house, sleeping on what was once an enclosed front porch, and hearing the trolley screech around that bend from Bybee to 13th [across from Portland Memorial], as it passed in the night. He sent off the flowers with fond memories of his older sister.

Cindy Barrett

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Traffic calming skeptic

Editor, Forgive me, this is the first time I have ever written THE BEE, or a newspaper.

I live on Linn Street between S.E. 13th and S.E. 17th. Currently, Linn Street has speed bumps, and to my opinion, it does not slow the traffic down.

Since I have lived here (eight years now), in the first six years, we had our street-parked vehicles "hit and run" five times, costing our family out-of-pocket costs and insurance claims, which in return increased our insurance rates. No apology notes left behind with insurance information, either. Although, the last instance, one witness did stop at the neighbor's home – but was unable to give the license plate of the vehicle, except [to say that it was] a dark blue SUV, now with a broken mirror and passenger window. A police report was filed once again.

I want to know how many other Sellwood neighbors have had their vehicles damaged due to "cut through traffic" to the Sellwood Bridge? I had spoken to a Portland Police officer, and he politely stated they do not have the manpower to monitor drivers on our street. I hate the idea of installing cameras to both the house and vehicles, let alone the cost for them.

On Linn Street alone, I have seen endless cases of road rage, bicyclists, pedestrians (children too) and pets narrowly being hit as well as the parked vehicles. I have witnessed the continuous running of the stop signs on 13th, 14th and 16th Streets.

Needless to say, traffic starts at 5:00 am on Linn. For those that do not know where Linn Street is – we are the first street north of the Clackamas County line. No offense, but who do you think is traveling down Linn Street to the bridge?

Can you tell me. . .was there ever a survey done on "Hit and Runs"? Can the city increase the height of speed bumps? Can they have a camera at each stop sign to ticket all the "forgetful' drivers who fail to come to a complete stop, as well as speeding? How can we eliminate the "hit and runs"?

The thought of ever making the street a "one way" scares the heck out of me. Doing this will only increase the flow of traffic and incidents. I hate to think it could take a death of a loved one to spur action.

Colleen Foster

"Frustrated on Linn Street"

The "Duniway Auction" story


Thank you for the write-up about Duniway's auction in your last issue. Over 300 people attended, and we raised over $165,000 for Duniway Elementary School during the fun-filled Prom-themed evening. Because my quote was incomplete on the subject, we would greatly appreciate it if you could mention that although 70 percent of the proceeds go to Duniway, the other 30 percent goes to PPS's general fund. We want to make sure that your readers don't think that our foundation only donates 70 percent of the monies raised. One hundred percent is donated. Thank you again!

Betsy Roberts

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Fundraising for Veterans at temporary location


Our VFW Post 4248 ("Sellwood Breakthrough Post") has recently sold our building and is looking for another one. In the meantime, The American Legion Post 150 has offered us their building, so we can continue some of our activities which help support our Veterans. One of those is the annual Cruise-In. This year it will be Saturday, May 25th, at 8329 S.E. 89th Avenue, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. in Portland. "Come early for breakfast, and stay for lunch, raffles, and awards."

Dolores Tallmadge

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