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Local schoolchild fights cancer


My name is Barbara Lee, and I am a 15 year resident of the Woodstock neighborhood. I love our community and all the beautiful families that we have gotten to know over the years.

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - OliviaI am reaching out to the THE BEE to see if you are able to help us spread the word about a family in our neighborhood that needs our support. We have had wonderful feedback from Olivia's most recent school – Woodstock Elementary – and we have had many small businesses in the neighborhood contribute to her GoFundMe. We are hoping to touch as many families as we can in the hopes that they can share the story of Olivia with their friends and family and so on and so on.

Here is some of what we shared with the schools: Olivia's been diagnosed with Sporadic Spindle Cell Rhabdomyosarcoma. It's a rare and serious form of soft-tissue cancer.

Olivia's in the midst of an aggressive treatment regimen that includes 87 weeks of chemo, 20 weeks of radiation, and facial reconstruction surgery, followed by ongoing medications to keep her healthy.

The doctors don't have all the answers, and every week there seem to be new discoveries that change the course of treatment. That could include leaving the state for treatment elsewhere. What we know for sure is that Olivia's family needs the support of the our community.

Olivia's trying to battle cancer with a smile on her face. Between chemo sessions, Olivia's been attending middle school, and recently joined her soccer team on the field for a game. She even scored a goal for her team!

To BEE readers – please consider joining "Team Olivia"! Your donations will help this family at a difficult time that's challenging them physically, emotionally, and financially. Olivia's family wants to thank the Southeast community, in advance. Your love and support gives them strength so that they can focus on helping their daughter through this extremely challenging time.

Here is the link to the GoFundMe, "Team Olivia: Join her Crusade Against Cancer" –

Barbara Lee

via e-mail

A thought to cut down on car use


Thousands of cars [in Portland] drive 1-2 miles multiple times a week to get groceries, fetch children, or visit a neighborhood acquaintance. One way to downsize car use is in having a close-by grocery store, deli, and takeout, which would help cut down on these short trips that, combined, take their toll on the environment.

In suburbs, especially, where residents must travel longer distances to malls or stores, small neighborhood grocery stores would reduce the need to use a car. An incentive or subsidy might encourage people to adopt this habit. All it takes is a local startup and some seed money to build 200-300 small grocery stores. This also would cut down on the short-distance Uber deliveries; clients could walk to the grocery to fetch meals, or stores could feature a takeout deli. The secret is [to] start up 300 stores . . . [to serve] no more than 1 mile square; 1/2 or 1/4 mile square would be better.

Martha Dibblee

S.E. 34th Avenue

Angered by TriMet change in policy


I agree with everything you wrote in your October editorial (North Westmoreland's transit problem worsens). TriMet cannot be trusted to keep its commitments.

Like Forever Stamps, I believed I was purchasing "forever" TriMet tickets, using the TriMet Tickets app on my smart phone.Although I am an infrequent TriMet rider, and purchased more tickets than I could use in the short term, I believed I was getting a good deal. I believed that I would be protected from price increases, and that I would be able to use the tickets for many years to come.

Now, TriMet tells me that unless I make a special trip downtown to visit the TriMet ticket office on my own time and at my own expense, my tickets will be worthless after the end of the year. So, I must use one of my round-trip tickets and two hours of my own time to exchange my "Forever" tickets for a Hop Card that will no longer protect me from fare increases.

When I contacted TriMet to find out whether there was any way to exchange my tickets without making a special trip downtown, I was told that this was not possible. Sorry, TriMet. I have better things to do with my time. So, once my tickets expire, I will no longer ride TriMet.

Herb Weiner

via e-mail

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