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Reader grows "Sellwood Glory" dahlia


'Sellwood Glory'[Here's] "Sellwood Glory", loving life on Yukon Street [in mid-July]. 'Tis the season for dahlias, which is what Sellwood Glory is. It definitely has a cool history, being from the neighborhood and all –

It would be cool for the photo to have a spot in THE BEE. I really love the paper, and look forward to reading it every month. You all do an amazing job!

Kevin Howells Westmoreland

"Physical distancing"

Editor, I am writing to encourage everyone to use the term "physical distancing" rather than "social distancing" when referring to our efforts to keep six feet or more away from others in public spaces. There are a number of compelling reasons to make this change in our language: First, "physical distancing" more accurately describes what we are really doing when we keep 6+ feet between us and others. Second, the pandemic has put incredible psychological and emotional stress on many people. I believe that, subtle as it may seem, asking us to "socially distance" ourselves from others compounds the anxiety and strain of wondering how we are going to survive, to keep our homes, or feed our families. We do not need to be socially isolated, even when we are physically distant (e.g., we have phone calls, can talk with neighbors from the front porch to the sidewalk, Zoom and FaceTime chat with families and friends. Who knows, writing letters may come back into fashion!). And, finally, the concept of "social distance" is laden with class, race, and economic connotations. It can be traced back to 1831, when it was used in France to separate social classes; and in 1919, the Social Distance Scale was used to emphasize the difference and separation of blacks and whites in America. I encourage you to go online –

Clearly, in 2020, we are asking for change that reflects equality and equity. So please, wear your mask, keep six feet away, but don't be socially distant from others! Ardy Dunn S.E. Malden, Sellwood

Clarification: Sellwood-Moreland "Historic Listings"


I would like to offer a correction to a caption under my photograph in last month's BEE. Within its boundaries, the Sellwood-Westmoreland neighborhood has only three buildings that have been awarded "National Register of Historic Places" status. They are the "Carmen's Clubhouse", the "Oaks Pioneer Church", and the "Sellwood YMCA" (later the Sellwood Community Center, now the Sellwood Community House). I prepared the nomination for the Sellwood YMCA, but not for the church. Eileen Fitzsimons via e-mail

"Questionable claims"

Editor, For some reason Beeson Clinic [BEE Letters, June 2020] claims 80% of the population have "mild" symptoms [from COVID-19]. 1) what research are they familiar with that discounts as yet undected [sic], long term symptoms that are just now emerging?, 2) unless they can identify who exactly comprise that 80% population, wouldn't the prudent person conduct themselves as if they are a member of the 20%? My family and I certainly do.

Mentioning the importance of masks and social distancing would, I think, be important for a health professional to reinforce.

Yes, vaccine studies should be thorough and focus on safety as well as effectiveness. A properly developed vaccine is still our best hope to return to a normal, healthy world. [Go online to]

Jim Houser Brooklyn Neighborhood

EDITOR'S NOTE: The writer may have overlooked that the single most dangerous characteristic of the COVID-19 coronavirus is that at least half of those infected experience mild symptoms – or even none. The CDC is among those warning of this, which is the reason the wearing of masks by EVERYONE, and maintaining social or physical distancing is mandatory for EVERYONE, despite the chafing by those who are impatient to get back to normalcy. Lapses involving family or social gatherings have proven severe, since some of those in such gatherings are infected and don't know it. This very infectious disease is being spread by these people every time any relaxation of restrictions occurs, and some of those infected as a result do experience serious and in some cases permanent physical damage, or – as we have seen – death. And not only are the elderly and infirm dying; now even some of the much younger people who take the pandemic lightly are as well.

Unwanted letter


I live on S.E. 19th here in Westmoreland. I received an [unsigned letter] in my mail box July 10. This is in response to my Black Lives Matter sign in my yard. I am not sure how many others got these today too. It would be great to see THE BEE call out these cowards. I am disgusted by this act. Thank you. Nycole Ferguson via e-mail EDITOR'S NOTE: Ms. Ferguson attached a snapshot that appears to be of an unsigned printed form letter, alleging that BLM is a radical organization. Unsigned letters certainly do not show courage, as she points out, and are generally not credible.

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