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Oaks Bottom Blues

Reader Kane sent us this Oaks Bottom photo with her letter.


Sadly enough there are people who still believe that the signs around Oaks Bottom concerning loose dogs do not apply to them or to their dog. Over the years I have tried to speak to friends, neighbors, and even to strangers about the sensitivity of the area and of how by simply leashing and cleaning up after your pet you are saving birds and other wildlife from losing habitat. The open field seen from the Sellwood Blvd. bluff is the most visibly misused of all. Last week [the first week of May] it was mowed by a man on a tractor who must have believed he was servicing the neighborhood, but what I have learned from bird enthusiasts is that much nesting ground was completely wiped away in this act of (most likely) unintentional destruction. I am using this format for an outlet to express sorrow. Perhaps there is a person from the Audubon Society or city who can express this well enough in the media to make a greater impact. Living on the edge of this incredibly diverse bird and wildlife sanctuary has really helped my awareness and appreciation. I can leave my house, and within minutes have a glorious experience. Yesterday on a short stroll I saw goslings, egrets, herons and northern flickers. Protecting our outlet and resources should encourage us all to be aware that although a lot of our paradise has been turned into a parking lot, this is an area we should hold as our own. Donna Kane via e-mail

Thanks to "a Cena"


This is a long overdue letter to thank Chris, Jonathan, and the rest of the "a Cena" restaurant crew [in Sellwood] for helping to make auction night at my daughter's school a success. The operating budget and tuition assistance program at Our Lady of the Lake in Lake Oswego is dependent on funds raised on this one night. Restrictions prevented this event from taking place in person, so the school was unsure what to expect. A Cena stepped up to work with the auction committee to provide about 100 delicious meals for couples and families to help make this night a special event. I am thankful to have a restaurant with such delicious fine food in my neighborhood, and one that supports a good cause. Thank you, a Cena!

Suzanne Gall S.E. Lambert, Sellwood

"It's actually in Mt. Scott-Arleta"

Editor, I appreciated Paige Wallace's article [May BEE] on the new pet store, "The Headstrong Hound", on S.E. Foster Road. It's always important to showcase new small businesses that launch in the area. I did want to point out however that the headline for the article says "New Pet Supply Store Opens in Foster-Powell", but this new store is not in the Foster-Powell neighborhood, it's in the Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhood. Please give credit to the correct neighborhood. I'd appreciate a correction in your next issue of the THE BEE. Jason Zaslaw Mt. Scott-Arleta resident

EDITOR'S NOTE: This probably occurred in editing, making it entirely the editor's fault. I see on the Portland Neighborhoods map that the borderline between the two neighborhoods is Foster Road, and evidently this new business is on the south side of Foster. On the north side it would have been in Foster-Powell. Close, but no cigar. My apologies to both neighborhoods!


In the May BEE article on the "Living Well Community Market", held alternate Sundays in the back yard Café Zamora on S.E. Gladstone Street, the market was described as being nonprofit. We are advised that, instead, it is a for-profit community market. We regret the error.

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