by: Elizabeth Ussher Groff, Reed neighborhood resident Bud Frimoth, with his award-winning new book.

The winner of the Presbyterian Writer's Guild 'Jim Angell Award' for 2006, announced in late May, was Reed neighborhood resident Bud Frimoth - for his book, 'Bring in the Clowns: A Metaphor for Ministry'. The award is presented annually for the best first book by a Presbyterian writer.

Bud, a retired Presbyterian minister, was profiled in THE BEE [January, 2007] when the book was published. His wife, Lenore, recently deceased, was also a writer, and her book, 'Little Ones To Him Belong', was written in response to the death of their daughter, and was used as a study guide by Presbyterian women.

Bud, who was 81 in June, spent over 50 years in ministry. He was the creator of the 'Open Door' national radio program, which won over 40 awards, including the coveted Peabody award for its creative presentation of the thoughts and creativity of youth.

While he offered the ministry of clowning with Lenore in many venues, one of the areas of focus was clowning for children in hospitals. Recently the Providence Children's Center for Medically Fragile Children presented him with the Calbreath award, their highest, for his work with the children who were patients in the hospital.

The award-winning book, drawing on his years of both ministry and clowning, creatively suggests how the art of clowning offers helpful metaphors for reflection on the ministry. The proceeds from the book will contribute to a memorial for his and Lenore's daughter at Whitworth College.