The regulars at Mocha Momma’s Good Coffee Café in Westmoreland have been noticing a lot of changes over the summer, in their coffee shop – at S.E. Milwaukie Avenue and Martins Street.

On July 1, Shanthi Renee Holland, who co-owns with David Johnson the True Brew Coffee House in the Brooklyn neighborhood, purchased the business and started transforming it into a French-style, vegan, and eco-friendly coffee shop.

“I turned 40 and wanted to give myself a gift,” Holland said with a laugh, adding she works at Mocha Momma’s ten hours a day, seven days a week.

by: PETER KORCHNAK - New owner Shanthi Renee Holland, on the patio of her Mocha Mommas Good Coffee  Cafˆsˇ© in Westmoreland. Since the purchase, Holland and her staff have painted the interior, rearranged the furniture to expand seating, and installed new art on the walls.

Holland said, “There’s something new here every day. We’re retaining all the customers’ favorites, including the locally-roasted Z-Beanz coffee and punch cards, and we’re building on them.”

Further changes, which Holland will spend the next few months implementing, include updating all the seating, featuring art by local artists, and expanding the former Psychic Night event into a monthly Metaphysical Fair – the first of which takes place on Saturday, October 6, from 3 to 8 pm.

“The menu will be expanded to include more vegetarian and vegan choices, like salads,” Holland said. “We’re applying for our own beer and wine license, and we’d like to enclose the patio for the winter as well.”

A native of Nicaragua, and a business owner for sixteen years, Holland has been a Brooklyn resident since 2006, after living in Florida, San Diego, and Romania. She told THE BEE, “I like Portland. I like the mild winters and watching the leaves turn.”