by: RITA A. LEONARD - Eastmorelander Carrie Wilson Link has published a humorous, poignant, and helpful memoir about the raising of her autistic son, Wil.A memoir describing the challenges of raising a special-needs child has been gathering critical praise for its Eastmoreland author.

Carrie Wilson Link chronicles her family’s first 14 years of raising a child on the autism spectrum – who also has ADHD. With depth and humor, she details the unusual challenges, and milestones achieved, by her son Wil.

For Link, who wrote the book as an affirmation of “what happens and what works”, the book is intended to be inspirational.

“Wil of God”, a 233-page paperback published this January, is available through It is a review of the puzzlement, love, hard work, and spirituality involved in successfully raising a child who requires intensive care and therapy. With insight and self-reflection, Link describes the family life and faith that allowed her to safely traverse the labyrinth of special education therapies inherent in treating this puzzling condition.

Educator Liz Lieberg, a first grade teacher at Eastmoreland’s Holy Family School says, “The book is so well-written, [it] can make you belly laugh and cry within the span of a few pages. Since so many people are currently facing the challenges of raising kids with particular needs, I think they will find this book ‘tells it like it is’, but with great hope and humor.”

Other responses to the story have characterized the book as insightful and heartwarming, especially from a mother’s point of view.

The book is written in concise chapters focusing on special incidents in Wil’s and Carrie’s lives. From a year and a half of incessant crying, through a confusing path of diagnoses and delayed development, the family learns to treasure Wil’s unique personality and perpetual sense of love and joy.

As Link comes to terms with her own history and expectations, she understands that through the efforts of a community of caring, Wil is turning out to be perfect just as he is.

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