RITA A. LEONARD - A new second cistern and ten raised garden beds were installed this summer near this meeting shed, at the developing Foster-Powell Community Garden of Powell Boulevard. We’ve been chronicling the development of an unusual community garden in Inner Southeast for two years now. What makes it unusual is that instead of de-paving the lot on which the garden is located, the garden is built upon the pavement! This past summer, work parties at the Foster-Powell Community Garden put finishing touches on their colorful gateway to that neighborhood. In July, work parties cleaned up the site, weeding and removing debris, and moving wood, chip, and dirt piles. A ramp was added to the meeting shack, and volunteers watered native plants on the hillside.

After clearing space throughout the site, a second 2,500-gallon water cistern and ten new raised beds were installed on August 28th and 29th, along with a small “Free Produce” kiosk at the corner of S.E. 62nd Avenue and Powell Boulevard.

The new cistern was hooked up adjacent to the meeting shed on the south side of the garden. Although the two cisterns are huge, they were relatively easy to roll into place on the site. Community Garden founder Vicki Wilson told THE BEE, “After the both cisterns are filled with rainwater, garden beds will be available for rental next February, making the garden plan completely functional.”

Over the past two years, the Foster-Powell Community Garden has beaten the odds to become a source of pride for neighborhood gardeners. The problem of an adequate water source was complicated initially by the nature of the lot – a former paved business site that the property owner did not want removed.

After much planning, fundraising, and hard work, the garden is now producing a good crop of tomatoes and sunflowers. It features an attractive elliptical gate and entry fence topped with painted wooden flowers.

A “Fall Fest” at the garden is planned for Saturday, October 24. Those interested in helping with that can send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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