At a time when developers are tearing down houses on big lots for more houses, these guys did not

DAVID F. ASHTON - This Hemenway Colonial in Eastmoreland, owned by developers, has now been restored to its former stateliness, but with modern amenities - and now its for sale. It would have been more profitable, the developers said, to tear down the 7,208 square foot house at 6835 S.E. 29th Avenue, and just build two new ones in its place.

Designed by Roscoe De Leur Hemenway, and built in 1951, the home, now newly refurbished, was opened to neighbors and prospective buyers on Monday evening, October 30.

"For the acquisition price, most builders would've just torn it down, given its condition; but, as soon as we got the opportunity to buy it, my business partner and I looked at each other and agreed that we couldn't let this house be torn down," explained Portland Houseworks LLC partner Mike Mitchoff.

DAVID F. ASHTON - Standing in the Grand Staircase are Portland Houseworks LLC partners Sean Heyworth and Mike Mitchoff. They restored the mansion instead of tearing it down, and now its on the market. "I've been a lifelong resident of Westmoreland; I live in the house I grew up on near the south end of Westmoreland Park, and my partner's wife grew up here in Eastmoreland," Mitchoff told THE BEE.

Although he and his partner have owned the property for about a year already, while they remodeled it, Mitchoff said he's not necessarily a supporter of the controversial Historic District designation. "But the bigger picture is, we looked at it as an opportunity to do something – something really right – by the neighborhood, while we do right by us."

During the open house, visitors examined the modern finishes that now enhance the historic home, while updating it for modern lifestyles.

"I think people want to have that connection with history, and we took this house back to what it was 66 years ago, and we're proud of that," Mitchoff said.

The house is move-in ready – and available for $1,800,000.

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