Inner Southeast mailboxes show Holiday style; the mail going in them is about get more expensive

Many residents in Inner Southeast Portland receive their mail in unique receptacles. On S.E. Flavel Drive, a barn-shaped mailbox brightens the day for letter carriers. A Brooklyn mailbox features a cat bandoliered with a U.S. Mail pouch. An artist on S.E. Ogden Street has painted a bouquet of hydrangeas and ferns on either side of the mailbox, and several British-style red postboxes are found around the area.

RITA A. LEONARD - This patriotic mailbox on S.E. Harney Street celebrates in color – red, white, and blue, with stars.
Several mailboxes are decorated with painted flames, such as are seen on race cars. A mailbox on S.E. Rural Street is embellished with painted flowers and hand prints, while the post is decorated with blue glass beads and rabbit figures. A patriotic mailbox on S.E. Harney Street has red and white stripes extending from a starry field of blue; silver stars are wired along the post.

RITA A. LEONARD - This red British-style mailbox can be found on S.E. 15th Avenue in Brooklyn.
Since we visit our mailboxes nearly every day, they're a popular item to decorate; sometimes even for the Holidays. Although most of us often communicate by e-mail, as long as the Postal Service delivers, mailboxes will not go out of style – celebrating the first U.S. Postal Service, developed by Ben Franklin over 200 years ago.

And if you engage in the attitude of gratitude, and write and mail thank-you notes after the Holidays, it might be time to think about stocking up on your supply of "Forever" First Class stamps. January is a time for new plans and new beginnings for the Postal Service, too, and they plan on January 21, 2018, to raise the cost of these stamps from 49 cents to 50 cents.

Bad news for THE BEE – postal officials are also planning to increase periodical rates an average of 2%, too, making your free mailed copy more expensive to send you. Meantime, United Parcel Service (UPS) also announces new rate changes as of Christmas Eve, making it especially important to send any UPS packages early.

Dana Beck, Historian for THE BEE, is also Lead Sales Representative at the Brooklyn Post Office. He advises that any "Forever" stamps you have on hand will still be good after the new rates go into effect – but "numbered" stamps will need to add up to 50 cents. (All mail to any other country is required to have a stamp with the numbered postage amount on it.) "To determine current postal rates, check online – – or ask your postal representative at the counter," he says. (And for the new United Parcel Service rates which start December 24, go online to –

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