Parents, kids, and eggs make the traditional Easter tableau in the Brooklyn neighborhood

RITA A. LEONARD - Rocco, age 5, counts up his Easter loot in Brooklyn Park. Children gathered on Brooklyn Park's hill in anticipation of the neighborhood's 5th annual Easter Egg Hunt, on Saturday morning, March 31. The party had been organized by Melaney Dittler of Windermere Stellar Real Estate, and was sponsored by the Brooklyn Action Corps, Rose City Coffee House, Coco Donuts, Arts & Craftsman Art Supply, and various neighbors.

As the 11 a.m. signal was given, eager eggers burst forth in three age-appropriate areas, pouncing upon over a thousand colored plastic eggs, filled with candies and prize tickets.

Volunteers had earlier refilled the plastic eggs saved from prior years with candy, stickers, and coupons for free hot chocolate and doughnuts. At the Brooklyn Action Corps neighborhood association meeting three days earlier, Board member Mark Romanaggi was seen getting a head start on fitting Hershey's kisses into the colored plastic eggs.

Several special eggs contained "golden tickets" good for stuffed toys, donated by a thoughtful neighbor.

The egg hunt was the colorful and joy-filled culmination of the week of Spring Break activities, and provided plenty of photo opportunities for proud parents.

Afterwards, chocolate-stuffed egg-hunters were able to release some of their energy on nearby park play structures, while parents and volunteers shared pictures and cleaned up the park, gathering discarded open plastic eggs to store for use again next year.

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