In Ardenwald, Balfour Park gets just a little bit closer with each successful plant sale

DAVID F. ASHTON - Sales were brisk this year at the annual Balfour Park Committee plant sale in Ardenwald. Continuing an annual tradition, the Ardenwald Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association's "Balfour Park Committee" again held a springtime plant-sale fundraiser, this year on Sunday, May 20.

Instead of holding the sale on the site of the planned park, as they did in their first year, lately it's been located in the spacious and wooded back yard of Committee Chair Lisa Gunion-Rinker.

"We have so many plants donated for the sale each year that we collect here, that it would take all day to move them across the street," Gunion-Rinker explained.

The plants come from neighborhood people, some of whom are members of the Hardy Plant Society, and others are donated by Master Gardeners, Gunion-Rinker said. "A lot of people are passionate about both parks and plants, so they pitch in to help us raise money."

With the hoped-for major park development still in the distant future, Gunion-Rinker remarked that the committee is focusing on building a community garden soon, after working with the "Depave" organization to remove a driveway in the otherwise undeveloped park.

"We will pass having collected a total of $10,000 in our ongoing park fundraising this year; and, while that's a lot of money, it's far too little to begin developing Balfour Park," acknowledged Gunion-Rinker. "But, these funds show genuine interest in the project, and will also allow us to apply for matching grants."

With that, she turned back to help shoppers pick from the scores of plants set out for purchase.

You can learn more about the project at the Ardenwald neighborhood's webpage:

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