Students at the Eastmoreland private school turn annually to an international theme

DAVID F. ASHTON - Students at Holy Family Catholic School learn about different cultures and countries at the Eastmoreland schools ninth annual International Fair.The grounds of Eastmoreland's Holy Family Catholic School were turned into an outdoor fair when the school's ninth-annual "International Day" got underway on the afternoon of Friday, June 1.

"This has been growing every year, as we invite people from the community – and Portland State University (PSU), and the Muslim Educational Trust – to our celebration," said the fair's founder and perennial organizer, Spanish teacher Susana Paroti.

New this year, Paroti pointed out, were three students from the PSU International Service Program, each representing their home country.

"It's important that we celebrate the diversity that we have in the world," Paroti commented to THE BEE. "This is an attempt to celebrate and promote peace and tolerance among the children."

In addition to all of the school's students, members of the community were also invited to attend, and even be exhibitors.

"It's a good thing to celebrate diversity; and everyone really looks forward to and enjoys our annual festival!" Paroti smiled.

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