A new orthodontic practice opens in the Woodstock neighborhood, and we went in to learn more

ELIZABETH USSHER GROFF - Dr. Seth Senestraro stands with his team at Senestraro Family Orthodontics at his new Woodstock Boulevard office. Dr. Seth also has fourteen year-old twin boys – not pictured – who occasionally help around the office.
When Seth Senestraro was in college, he worked in the office of an orthodontist who eventually became his mentor. He was told, "This is the best profession you can have."

Dr. Seth, as he is now called, says that he thinks what his mentor meant was that orthodontics is unique. "We see families every month for a couple of years, sometimes as long as six years. We get to see what's going on in their lives and watch them grow up."

This can also be true of regular dentists too, but he points out that people tend to be more excited about having something done to their teeth and mouth that "changes their lives forever, in a positive way". He likes to be a part of that.

In fact, in the practice that Dr. Seth has recently opened at 5612 S.E. Woodstock Boulevard – in the same building as Portland Children's Dentistry – he does orthodontic work on both children and parents. He has been in practice for six years at other locations.

"We do a lot of adult treatment with braces or 'Invisalign'. The latter is a set of clear liners that can be taken in and out of the mouth, and can straighten teeth without braces." Dr. Seth says the ideal time for a first visit is when a child is seven years old. There is no need for a referral, just call and arrange a complimentary exam.

What he likes best about his practice is "spending my days with my patients, getting to know them, and working with my awesome team. We have a large team, and can see a lot of patients in a day." He says there is gratification in improving a person's smile and confidence. "Orthodontic work can also be good for the teeth and mouth in general."

The practice offers interest free payment plans. Dr. Seth says they also give money back to the community, and do a lot of philanthropy. For example, he says, they are proud sponsors of the Woodstock Farmers Market.

A cartoonist designed their logo – a Sasquatch -- which is on their T-shirts. Every patient is given a free T-shirt at the start of treatment.

To learn more, go online –; and for an appointment call 503/228-1945.

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