Once again, Oaks Park has hosted a major event in the world of Dahlias, and THE BEE was there

DAVID F. ASHTON - Judges spread out to inspect and award the multitude of dahlias on display at the 90th annual North Willamette Region Dahlia Show at Oaks Amusement Park on August 25th. After holding their annual event in various locations over the last 90 years, the "Portland Dahlia Society and Show" returned to historic, nonprofit Oaks Amusement Park on Saturday, August 25.

The Dance Pavilion was filled with some 2,000 blooms, brought by forty exhibitors to be judged, admired by the public, and offered for sale to support the organization.

"Considering the wicked, hot summer – some were calling it 'dahlia hell', because of the heat and the dry, smoky weather – we've still filled the room with amazing-looking flowers here today!" beamed Portland Dahlia Society President Larry Smith.

Known officially as the "North Willamette Region Dahlia Show", exhibitors came from as far as Gold Beach, on the far southern Oregon coast, and Puget Sound to the north.

Some people came just to see the splendidly colored, unique flowers of the plants; serious growers examined new varieties brought in to show off.

Even after a "brutal" summer for these flowers, both the society members and those viewing them enjoyed the unique blooms and arrangements at this big regional show in Sellwood.

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