In Brentwood-Darlington, the Hallowe'en celebration offered by the community is within car trunks

DAVID F. ASHTON - John Matychs old west gambling parlor won the Trunk-or-Treat Theme award, presented by Stryker Reed - who was about to enjoy his birthday party, which was also being held at the Community Center at the same time. Volunteers from the Brentwood-Darlington Neighborhood Association (BDNA) again held a Pre-Hallowe'en party at the BDNA Community Center on afternoon of October 27

"This is the 'Spooktacular Trunk-or-Treat' we put on for our neighbors," grinned the neighborhood association's President, Chelsea Powers, as families flocked to participate.

This year, seven families parked their vehicles in the western lot of the Brentwood-Darlington Community Center for the event, and many set up canopies to shelter their themed decorations from the passing rain showers while they handed out treats from their trunks.

"It's free event, geared more toward elementary-school-age kids; so it's not as spooky, because it's held in the daytime," Powers explained. "And, we try to always offer both edible and non-food treats, so kids with food allergies can be included as well."

This year, the organizers also invited families whose kids go to school in the area but are not necessarily neighborhood residents, Powers pointed out.

Powers said they were thankful that the Reed family, who had booked the Community Center for their child's birthday party, shared the space to make the Trunk-or-Treat possible. "This helps to make better our neighborhood; it's one of our favorite community-building activities. It started really small, and has been gaining in popularity every year!"

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