Amidst the crowd at the last Woodstock Farmer's Market of the year was a girl in THIS costume!

ELIZABETH USSHER GROFF - At the final weekly Woodstock Farmers Market of the year, fifth grader Shayla Mazer delighted everyone with the unique Halloween costume shed made herself. Her mother, smiling in the background in a pink Halloween wig, said Shayla had a great time posing for photos that day. On October 28th, the last day this year for the weekly Woodstock Farmers Market, many children and parents came to the market in Hallowe'en costumes. In a week of national tragedies, it was a joyfully distracting sight to see so many children and adults enjoying each other's creativity, colorful costumes, and occasional quirkiness.

One unique costume had dozens and dozens of people stopping to take pictures, all the while smiling widely.

Shayla Mazer, a 5th grader whose mother has the vendor stall Sandy Bluff Farm, was seemingly separated from her head. Yes, she appeared to be carrying her head around in a large plastic jar!

When asked about the costume, she raised her voice to be heard through the plastic jar.

"My mother bought the [big blue] coat at Goodwill, and we went to WinCo to get the cheese balls jar," she reported. (According to her younger brother, Gus, the whole family had enjoyed emptying the 28-ounce jar by eating the soft cheese balls.)

When asked if the costume was her idea, she said yes – but that she had been aided by a search for sample costumes on the Internet. "I never really get store-bought costumes," she remarked. "I usually make my own. Store-bought costumes are almost always lower quality, and they're kind of flimsy."

Shayla's mother, Melanie Arthur, confirmed that her daughter is creative. After all, a fifth grader carrying her head around in a jar is not to be sneezed at. (Particularly not when inside a jar.)

Shayla's final comment on her costume was, "It's kind of like an optical illusion."


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